How to Become Self-Aware in Order to Be Self-Confident?

When you meet someone for the first time, you may have a feeling, that this person is self-centered or can even be called selfish. However, this feeling is often wrong. On the contrary, it is actually common for people to act out in order to hide their low self-esteem. They are trying their best to catch other people’s attention and sometimes look ridiculous in their attempts. Being self-centered can lead to upsetting consequences, while being self-confident helps us fight stress and keep being optimistic. Is there any way to improve your self-esteem?

Step one. Playing a detective.

Try to find out, what has influenced you and made you think that you are worth less than you are actually worth. It often happens, that we end up trusting the opinion of people who do not matter anymore, or think over again and again about someone’s carelessly said phrase. If you try hard, you will be able to discover the memories that have hurt you and understand, that most of them are nothing but the irrational outbursts of anger or offense that people have thrown your way.

Step two. Get yourself a little present.

This may sound silly, but trying to appreciate you includes cherishing yourself. When you think of it, at the same time you are the one that should show the acceptance and be accepted at the same time. A present may include your favorite chocolate or a ticket to the movies, the most important thing is for you to fully enjoy it.

Little present

Step three. Realize, how useless low self-esteem is.

Stop for a moment and think, what are the good points of you being insecure. Did it help you to make friends? Was it a good adviser as a result? Once you have realized, how useless it is, it will be easier to overcome it. You wish only the best for you, correct?

Step four. Let yourself be imperfect.


Look at your flaws as at the opportunity to set a new goal. We need to see a guiding light in order to walk towards it instead of aimlessly wandering around. Try to treat yourself as a master, who can create a sculpture with his mind.

Step five. Make a plan.

Think about the things that you want to improve about yourself. Have you always wanted to learn French? What about drawing or landscape photography? The opportunities are plenty, so why not sign up for lessons this very moment? Little by little, developing different skills will lead you to appreciating yourself more. Stop debating the pros and cons, and get to business! You will love seeing that confident smile in the mirror every morning.

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