Persuasive Essay Against Abortion

Pregnant Woman

It is a controversial question for today, lots of discussions were held, and people’s minds were divided. Some find that banning the abortion possibility violates human’s rights and deprives women’s freedoms, others claim that this procedure is immoral and impermissible in a modern community. There are several points against abortion in this article, which may help you to write an essay on this subject for your school or college.


Many abortion opponents claim that it is killing of a living organism, despite the fact that it is at an early stage of life, little human can feel everything already. However, medical researches don’t prove that statement. Anyway, it is considered to be immoral and cruel in relation to the unborn one as he or she is innocent and killed because of someone’s desires and personal interests.

Religious Reasons

For many religions, it is inadmissible to make an abortion in any case. It may be viewed as a great sin. Confessions make demonstrations for banning this procedure as according to their statements no one can take away life which was given by God. Women who did abortion can be even excommunicated.


In most cases, abortion is needed because of rambling relationships and irresponsible behavior. Because of these reasons, innocent one suffers. This is fundamentally wrong. When people don’t use any remedies for pregnancy prevention that means they both are ready to have a child and agree have to a huge liability as well.

Harm for Health

Another reason against abortion is a risk of infertility and cancer for women and other health problems. Many of them can’t be healed, and young one can lose an opportunity to give birth to a kid. The hormonal system suffers a lot too, the organism needs a great time period for recovering and fixing all breaks in organs. What’s more, abortion leads to mental problems, like depression, panic attacks and so on. In such cases, professional services are needed. The surgery itself is also very dangerous, and there are plenty of lethal cases.

Surgery Process

Demographical Crisis

In many countries, especially developed ones, the demographical crisis exists. Despite people have good life conditions and enough money, they don’t have a big family. It consists of parents and one or two children. One of the reasons is that abortion is a common thing there. As a result, population of many nations decreases and immigrants supersede locals.

Losing Talented People

Theoretically, unborn kid may become a famous artist, a scientist who will be useful for mankind or just a volunteer who helps poor without a profit. All these variants are able to make community more kind and strong.

All in all, these arguments are powerful weapons if one wants to prove his anti-abortion position. It is helpful for creating a persuasive essay or speech about this. As a conclusion, it can be said that abortion is immoral for many social groups, cultures, and religions. It is dangerous for women health in addition as backwash of such procedure can’t be fully predictable.

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