Essay About Artificial Intelligence as an Assistant to Mankind

Humans vs Robots

Elon Musk once again called artificial intelligence the greatest threat posed to our civilization in the new documentary “Do You Trust This Computer?” by Chris Paine. Should we really be afraid of it? This will be the point to discuss in our essay, and you may use it for your own argumentative one as well. If you need to buy essay, and you are making up your mind about the topic for it, believe me, this one will perfectly work.

So, let me write my essay starting with a definition (and advise you to do the same for yours). Artificial intelligence is a broad branch of computer science aimed to simulate human's intellect by machines.

Why Has the Demand for AI Arisen Right Now?

1. Today we are dealing with an unprecedented amount of information. Over the past few years 90% of global data has been created. Over the past three decades the amount of data in the world has grown by about 10 times.

2. Algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, and machines with neural networks are qualified to reproduce the functioning of the human brain and form complex associations.

3. The computing power is constantly increasing, and it can process an enormous amount of data and assignments.

Bring it together and get many companies, independent entrepreneurs and capitalists who are investing in AI development and are interested in technology advancement.

Isn’t this impressive? It is, so include some of these facts in your essay.

Artificial Intelligence and People

The technology of AI captures has captured public's imagination for decades, but some people do not realize that they use it every day. This is because when it comes to artificial intelligence, we expect to witness a smart robot that speaks, thinks, and accomplishes tasks, like us. And although machines may now seem to be "greetings" from the future, this technology is still far from self-consciousness. At the moment, we are surrounded by a host of incredibly complex instruments of artificial intelligence designed to ease all aspects of modern life. Here are just a few of them that may be reviewed in your college papers.

Voice Search

Search engineers like Siri, Alexa and Cortana are equipped with human voice processing and recognition software that makes them AI’s tools. Currently, sound search capabilities are available on 3.9 billion Apple, Android and Windows devices worldwide, without taking into account other manufacturers. Because of its prevalence, voice search is one of the most advanced technologies supporting AI.

Video Games

Video games have long been using AI, the complexity and effectiveness of which has increased exponentially over the last few decades. As a result, virtual characters, for example, are capable of behaving in a totally unpredictable way, analyzing the environment. So, in your essay, you may include a significantly new viewpoint to look from at video games.

Self-Driving Cars

Fully autonomous vehicles are getting closer to reality. This year Google has come up with an algorithm that can learn to operate a car exactly as a person does through experience. The idea is that in the end the car will be able to “see” the road and make a decision that corresponds to what you have perceived.

Offer of Goods

Prominent retailers like Target and Amazon earn millions thanks to the ability of their stores to anticipate your needs. So, the recommendation service on works on the ground of machine learning technology, but they also help to choose the optimal routes for an automatic moving in the processing and execution centers.

Their chain of supply and system of forecasting and distribution of resources are working on the basis of these assignments. Prime Air, Amazon’s original initiative for using drones, as well as Amazon Go, the technology with the use of machine vision at new retail outlets, were built on the basis of in-depth training too.

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Forecasts of Scientists

You may get convinced that robots are replacing humans more and more, and robots VS humans is on the top of the persuasive essay topics list. Scientists predict that while now machines with artificial intelligence can help people to complete various work tasks, later (by 2053) they are likely to take replace humans.

Let production and routine jobs be performed by machines with artificial intelligence. But how can one replace a person with a robot in journalism, for example? In fact, in large publishing houses, robots-journalists have been in use for several years. They just look for information, compile and present it in logical order. Their information is dry and lacks subjectivity.

This all may give us the impression that collapse of unemployment is approaching. But no, it isn’t. Conceivably this will require the creation of new creative professions which we are not familiar with at the moment.

Let’s hope for a greater future. We advise you to introduce the prospects for it in your essay about artificial intelligence! 

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