Essays: They Are Not Monsters!

Every student of the world has written tons of various essays in his life. But, somehow, for many young people getting that assignment causes certain unpleasant feelings, and it is not just because of their laziness. Some psychologists say that getting lazy and not feeling like doing something is a signal to something more under it. Just think about – you do not often feel like not doing something connected with your hobby, and when it happens there is a certain reason – you are either tired, or upset, or something else is occupying your mind. Maybe the reason why one doesn’t want to write an essay is because he simply doesn’t know how. Here is some information that might let you feel more confident about these assignments. Who knows, maybe after couple of tries you will consider changing your major to journalism!


It is always interesting to know what are the roots of something. “Essay” is a French word that is translated as “a try, an attempt”. This means that there is no pressure! You are simply trying to share your thoughts on some matter, that’s all. Are you feeling more relaxed about it? Let’s get you there by looking at the next fact.

A try


Michel de Montaigne is thought to be the founder of this genre of writing, even though something similar to essays existed long before him. These small texts, full of deep thoughts and reflections of the inner world, were among the favorite literature forms of such remarkable men as Voltaire, Show, Orwell, Sartre and others. Don’t you feel like standing in the same line with them? You have a real chance!

Feel free

Literally! You can write whatever you want, there are no restrictions concerning the format, style, no templates. You can let your thoughts flow freely, express yourself, open your inner world. The only condition is to stick to the subject of the essay. You can kill two birds with one stone when writing this text– not only to complete an assignment, but to feel better, as letting your thoughts out in a written form has proven to have a great positive influence on your mental health. Complete an assignment and save some money on therapist!

Plan and open up

Choose a topic and stick to it, and then decide on two options. The first one is to let your thoughts flow easily in any direction connected with a chosen topic. You do not have to cover all the problems on the subject, you only need to share your thoughts on it. After this part is done, you can look at each small part of your text and create a plan using it. This way your essay might be a little chaotic, but it will definitely be sincere and represent your personality. The other option is to write a plan at first. To do that, you just list all the points connected with a chosen matter, that come into your mind. When using a plan, your essay will be more structuralized, it will look more “coifurred”. Also, do not forget to write a conclusion after rereading what you have got. Enjoy writing essays and free yourself!

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