How to Befriend Laziness?

First of all, let’s think, what is laziness? It is basically a signal that certain activity contradicts what we really feel like doing at the moment. This understanding will let us find a personal approach to our mind and come up with a way to convince it to complete certain tasks. It might resemble attempts to convince a little kid, but everyone is a child on the inside, and it is this inner child that protests against boring occupation.

So, why is this happening and what can you do about it?

Lots of tasks


First of all, listen to how you’re feeling. Maybe the hint for you being lazy hides in your tiredness? In this case, it is a natural protective reaction, an instinct to prevent you from mental strain. Think of what you are capable of doing. There is no point to force yourself to do something, if you’re tired – it will just exhaust you even more, and your work won’t be productive in any way. Can you give yourself an hour to relax? Can you do your work gradually, not everything at once? Can you ask someone to help you? Find the best solution for your situation.


Have you ever wondered, why you should even bother doing something, if it doesn’t do you any good? It is a clear hint, that you need some motivation to keep on working. Analyze the task and find personal benefit you might get from completing it. If you cannot think of anything, set a goal and promise to treat yourself with something nice, once you have reached it. Make it a contest between you and your laziness – will you let it win this time?

A “2-minute rule”

There is a brilliant strategy of how you can make your live easier and become more productive. It is called a “2-minute rule”, that was first mentioned in a book Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Can you complete a task in two minutes? Do it right now! Send an e-mail, wash your mugs, do anything that requires two minutes only. Give your more time-consuming assignment a two-minute long try and you might find yourself being interested and wishing to continue working on it. If not – well, you will get back to it later, as keeping on working on a started project is always easier, that doing everything from the very beginning.

Don’t do it!

Stop do it

Sometimes laziness is a sign that we are taking too much and try to run faster than we can. Trying to become good at something is worth respect, but is not always necessary. Stop rushing around for a moment and let yourself breathe. Make sure the work you need to do is really urgent, and that there is nobody else to do it. Aren’t you trying to read a novel when you are only requested to look through a short story? Try to always keep in mind that time can’t be stopped, and you don’t want to miss it being busy with unnecessary work.

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