Steps to Writing a Biography

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In most cases it seems to be cumbersome and complicated work, it depends on how famous the person is, whose biography you write and how many amazing events were in his or her life. The task is to create a plain short exposition of somebody’s being. Here are several tips which make writing a biography easier and faster.

Know the Person

You should definitely be aware of all details in somebody’s life, what events were important and what things influenced this person. You can try to search some information in archives or libraries, furthermore, if the internet is available, you may find several interesting facts there. However, using false facts, which slander this person, may result in a legal punishment for a writer.

Things Which Influenced

It is significant to discover certain things which had a great impact on person’s life, how these changed one’s statements and world view. You can make several questions which can assist you in creating somebody’s biography. Visit places where this person lived or had some special events. Find people with whom he or she was in close contact and try to talk to them a bit. Maybe you will discover several unknown facts.

Inspiration Items

In everyone’s life, there are items which had a great impact on person’s mind. It can be art, music, books or other people’s examples. Try to find some information about it and think which kind of emotions this one felt. Discover what kind of hobbies he or she had, which passions and preferences.

Time Facts

Check if all dates are fair, there should be no inaccuracies or double-meanings. At first, you can write down all important number apart from other text and concentrate on the biography building around certain time periods.

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Shaping the Text

The organization and format of the text are also an important thing. There should be no slang, unusual shortenings or abbreviations which may make a reader confused. Try to choose simple sentences and constructions for your writing. Use plain language and stay maximally clear. Remember that your biography has to be readable and amusing at the same tame. Avoid specific or too private things which are not interesting for the average reader.


It is a significant step in every type of writings. After you finished the biography, you better rest a bit and set the text aside. A few days later you may give your friends or relatives to read it and listen to their critics and advice. Then there is a possibility to change something, add more facts or put away some details.

All in all, writing a biography is always an exciting experience, however, not everyone is able to do it. This work demands patience and hard work as one has to find various rare facts, unusual stories and make his own research about somebody’s life. Furthermore, it can take a lot of time and writer should be ready that creating a biography is lingering process and hurrying can ruin it at all.

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