Essay: What Bladerunner Has to Tell About Our Future

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As any finely made and produced sci-fi movie, both parts of Bladerunner aim to tell us something important about our future. Of course, we don’t have to accept everything in this elaborated idea of things to come. It can rather trigger our imagination to read between the lines and question our present and where it leads us.  So, what are the main articulations we can put forward after watching these outstanding movies?  

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Our Future Is Way Closer Than We’ve Ever Thought It Would Be

There’s this weird feeling that despite all technological advances represented in the movies (especially the second part, to be fair), our future does not seem to have run too far away from us. We are already there, so to speak. With powerful corporations controlling a whole lot, the notion and problem of power have never been so sharp. With technologies expanding and conquering our daily life, there have never been the “deja vu” so pronounced and threatening for some reason. Let’s just think about it!

Technology Is Powerful. Indeed

As we’ve already mentioned, technology is very powerful. Seeing some gadgets like flying cars or AI on the verge to go wild never surprises anyone. Of course, we may say that those things are nothing but an array of cliches under the cinematic form. Considering that in cinema, each genre has got a range of specific cliches, and they are definitely inextricable part of cyberpunk genre.

Obviously, they should never scare the potential viewer, as the way of dealing with cliches is what counts in such movie. It can be said with confidence that Bladerunner is one of the most creative “cyberpunk meets neo-noir” thrillers with elements of dystopia.

Green Spaces Will Be of Quantity of Few to Nothing

That may be the most superficial remark at first glance. But just think about it: green spaces can scarcely be found or, of course, there may some hotbeds of them, and that’s all! That’s a predictable state of things whatsoever, but agree that it radically changes our perception of familiar landscapes.

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Looking for Something Genuinely Human May Become an Underground Trend

You’ve definitely heard about the introduction of replicants into the movie. They migrate there from the book by Ph. K. Dick, although in the book we don’t encounter the very term “replicant”. The author makes use of the term “androids” instead.

However we call those creatures, the very their existence and functioning in those worlds make us question the very essence of what is human and how it can be reached (its deficiency being the evident thing). The existential quandary and interest towards one’s own past become the usual thing. And that will definitely add more drama into the very lives of different creatures. That’s a safe name to give, isn’t it? You never know it in the future world according to Bladerunner’s version.

That’s the eternal “who we are” question. But asked in those futuristic surroundings with several handmade metaphors, it acquires a totally new meaning, vast in scope and unbelievably piercing in its pragmatics.

To put it briefly, situations where people are searching for their identities have never been so infectiously attractive and cathartic at the same time. Another issue that adds a lot to this drama is memory manipulation and the limit to which it can be pushed in the future. No need to explain how it correlates with all those “humanistic” issues, that’s a self-evident thing, to which close attention is paid in Bladerunner movies.

There’s Nothing Unbelievable in Major Far-Reaching Cataclysms in the Future

In our optimized present with wars happening rarely and “somewhere in the Middle East” it seems sometimes impossible for something disturbing to really take place. However, that’s nothing but a delusion, and that famous blackout in Bladerunner is one more proof of that. But apart from those two parts you need to watch one of the three minor episodes that were released before Bladerunner 2049 to see the mention of Blackout. So, obviously, there’s always something that may encroach on our stability.

Future May Still Belong to Large Corporations

And we have already mentioned it! Large corporations in those futuristic capitalistic worlds may really remain the dominant force. Sometimes they say western sci-fi lacks that brand-new vision of humans with transformative vector, so typical of soviet sci-fi. Bladerunner doesn’t violate that tradition, but its close attention to what it is like to be a Human adds some more profound dimensions to the tradition of western sci-fi narratives.

Nostalgia May Take on Unpredicted Forms

If everything that can be considered “human” is deficient, and the attention towards memory and identity is high, it’s absolutely legal to suppose that nostalgia will be pervasive, and it will certainly be different from more usual social forms we are all accustomed to now.

There’s Always Some Place for Acts of Heroism and Solitary Wonders

No need to deny that, maybe those confrontations and heroism acts will not be so cinematic in their run, but the future will certainly not be devoid of them.

Peugeot Will Still Be…Here!

One of the most fascinating questions is what trademarks and brands we will see in the future. Bladerunner makes several suggestions, and one of them happens to be…Peugeot! Great news for fans of the brand.

As with any movie, such conclusions are probably contradictory, and they are nothing more than mere elaborations on the subject. Understandably, different people have different things to say about the same phenomenon.

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