Traditions of the New Year Celebration

Actually this holiday is not such popular in America or some European countries as in Russia or China, but still has an interesting story and traditions connected with.

New Year’s Origin

New Year celebration came from Ancient Rome when Julius Cesar reined the country. Ancient Romans began the tradition to gift symbolic presents wishing health and wealth to each other in the coming year. Each present has its own meaning and you could mention it from its symbols. For example, the candles meant the prosperity and it was really an expensive gift, gold meant luxury, honey was supposed to bring a happy family life. However, ancient Romans didn’t use the fir-trees before. The German tribes settled the custom to bring fir-tree into a house. They believed that forest spirits live among the branches and protect their houses giving health and happiness.

New Year’s Believes in Different Countries

There is a number of believes people have regarding the New Year celebration. Some of them are common and others are specific for the certain countries.

  1. The Common Believes:
    1. If you strive to become successful next year, clean and tidy your house completely and get rid of old things. Throw away all the unnecessary clothes, shoes, furniture and other stuff like that. You will get clean and clear space for new things and feel much better. Probably it is a great chance to buy the new things in future or in advance.

    2. Ask for forgiveness or apology from the people you hurted. It will open a new way to gain your aims in coming year. Lasting problems limit your possibilities and suck potential and energy doing more useful things.

    3. Don’t take any allowance ahead the holiday’s coming. Otherwise you’ll have a bad luck the whole next year.

    4. If you have a business and sell something, do a discount for the first client who comes to you next day after the New Year celebration. You’ll have a prosperous year and earn enough money.

    5. If you put a plate of poppy seeds on the table, you’ll attract health and long life to your family.

  2. The Specific Believes of Certain Countries
    1. Slavic people believe that you should set the New Year’s table and put there some bread and salt. That means that your family will be in a good position always. The grains of some cereal will double its effect.

      Bread and Salt

    2. Hungarians believe that you need to set on the table garlic (protects from diseases), honey (for happy life), nuts (from bad lucks), apples (for love and staying young), pea (for energy).

    3. Choose the color and wear the new clothes as the color of coming year according to the Chinese traditions. People believe that it will make the host of year more tolerant and loyal to you. However, Brazilians consider you need to wear the white color clothes. White cleans your soul from negative emotions and brings luck.

    4. Italians suppose if you eat 12 grapes one by one after the clock’s boom, your wish will come true. And also they throw the old furniture through the windows. That means they get rid of all last problems and bad lucks.


    5. In Cuba after the New Year’s coming at 12 o’clock at midnight people spill the prepared water through the windows. It means they attract luck and the year will be clean and without problems.

Any chosen tradition or custom leads you to your wish if you believe yourself. Be healthy, wealthy and happy in the coming year.

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