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Of course, everyone knows that cheating is a bad thing, which has a negative impact on one’s studying process, including teacher’s respect and marks. However, in many cases, students have no other way to pass the test.

They start searching Internet in order to find the most efficient method for cheating. It may be quite a difficult task if only few days are left for preparation. In this article, the safest and most effective manners for exam cheating are presented. Anyway, they have to be used with prudence and smarts as you surely do not want to get caught.


It is the easiest and effortless one. Student only has to download needed information in photo or text format and take a look there during the exam. It demands only several minutes to do so. However, it should be mentioned that many teachers forbid phone usage during the classes, not to speak of control testing.

Smartphone are taboo even if one needs calculator functions. So be careful as it may be complicated to take out cell phone insensibly and copy material from there. If you get caught, it will mean a failure to pass the exam.

Old-Fashioned Method

Sure, in the age of modern technologies, it may seem strange and futile. Despite that, this way of cheating is still effective and does not demand special efforts. Just take a sheet of paper and write down the main material, rules, formulas, theorems and so on.

It is better to print it using computer, so as writing has to be readable and clear. You can hide the crib in your clothes, at any part of the table etc.: it depends on your fantasy and cunning only. Remember if you waste time with peering under the desk, it will definitely catch professor’s attention, so do it very reasonably and carefully.

Use Group Mates

Student Cheating

In every group, there are several people who are considered to be addicted to learning and are good at certain subjects. It is great if one of them is your friend. However, even if you do not have contacts with the nerd’s community it is still possible to copy their works on the exam.

Just come to the class earlier and take a place near somebody clever. Do not choose the desk in the center of the room; it increases the potluck to be caught. During the test, be careful while cheating in order to stay unseen for teacher and guy, whose work you are copying.

Try to Postpone

It is a risky method but it increases your chances to get an “A” for the test. Come to the classroom and wait until the exam starts. After you may act like the ill one. It works if the professor is sympathetic and bland. Remember all questions or put them on the sheet of the paper to learn at home and come to pass a test individually.

All in all, it is always better to start learning at the correct time to be ready for the exam. Do not forget that not marks but knowledge and skills matter, especially in college. However, there are lots of unpredictable situations and troubles that urge students for cheating, in such cases, these tips may help them.

Can Cheating be a Good Thing?

Doubtful Face

Yes, we all know how embarrassing it is if you have your grades got in a prohibited way, but what if you really have no time or possibility to prepare well for an exam? What if it is too complicated for your understanding and the professor refuses to explain it with “simple” English, talking like an alien instead? What if you really need that “A” for a good diploma and a successful career in the future?

The value of cheating is quite underestimated. Right now, in a half-funny way we are going to tell you some advantages of the cheating process:

  • It increases your productivity. Quickly! Where to find information? How to write it down that no one notices? Quickly learning the severe abstract of a text to use it in a test in 5 minutes. These actions to be fulfilled need a lot of smartness and keen-wittedness. No way a sluggish and foolish student will achieve even in cheating. Cheaters are going a good job too;
  • It is good for practicing problem resolving skills.
  • It enhances your communication skills. What is more important than to find a person who can give you some notes on a test? But do not remember to thank him/her after that. That is how a collaboration works. Besides, who said that you are only cheating? You may be quite good at Literature but terrible at Math and that is how you achieve mutual help and ability to make deals with a minimum of loss;
  • Creative writing! Who said you cannot write an essay in the class on a topic you hear for the first time in your life? A professional cheater can peep at only a drop of information and boost it to a whole roman of describing their skills and characteristics;
  • It teaches you a real life. “What? Is the world cheating? No way!” Well, if you still think so, it is time to open your eyes and see how business works. It is really hard to achieve success by being only honest and straightforward in work. Sometimes life longs from you to frustrate or thwart and bit for a good reason like promoting or having a better salary or alluring new partners. If you learn how to make things work for you, you will definitely not fail in life.

Therefore, when it comes to cheating on an exam there is no need to straight up say no. It only depends on the methods you want to you use to defraud your professor but in no way, it shows that you are a bad person or something else. Nevertheless, you need to think of your future. Even if you succeed in using cheating methods on exams, you will still need most of your subjects in life. Nobody will look at your excellent diploma if you having a brain size like a nut.

Besides, think of your own dignity. Do you really hope that Math will not be very helpful in the future profession even if you want to become an artist? Maybe it will not be your main outcome but knowing the ideal symmetric of Greek statues is also a kind of Math.

Last but not the least, do you want to be a really intelligent person and interesting to work with? Then start being curious about things around you! And what can be better than a person telling you a new information in the class while your main task is only to absorb it? So, use this chance and become interesting to talk with!

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