Entering College Without the Declared Major and Its Advantages

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It's a common thinking that what you choose to study in college will definitely become your future career path. It's true, but a lot of students entering college aren't sure what they want to do after they graduate and there is nothing strange about it. Those children who don't have a declared major can attend some general courses and see what subjects they like more than others. This will help you to clearly understand what spheres you like and the ones that are totally not your cup of tea. It's like testing the waters to see what you'd like to do in future.

You Can Follow Your Interests

Some students have completely no idea on what they want to choose as their majors, others have some interests but are not ready to make a commitment yet. In both cases, it's better to go in undeclared in order to avoid any regrets or wanting to change majors later. You may choose some introductory subjects in the sphere you are interested in. This will help you to see if you are really ready to connect your whole life with this sphere.

You Can Ask for a Piece of Advice

Almost all the colleges have special authorities, like advising departments, which can help students who cannot choose their majors. Those institutions can help to explore different major tracks, arrange meetings with other students and professors from a variety of departments, and carry out different types of career tests. Those tests are good to take even if you have already chosen the sphere you want to connect your future with. This kind of testing may help you to narrow down a specific field to choose. The process usually looks familiar to taking personality tests, a sequence of questions related to your passions in life and things you usually do on the daily basis.

You Can Save Your Time and Money

Choosing Major

Statistic results show that most of the children who have a declared major while entering college, eventually switch it at least once before finishing their studying. While there is nothing bad about it, that will definitely lead to additional expenses, especially if the new major is completely unrelated to the sphere you've studied earlier. You will have to spend more on tuition since you most likely will have to start your studying process over. Besides, in this case, it will take more time to graduate and that could be a problem for those who have specific scholarships that last the specific amount of time. So entering college with an undeclared major can help you to avoid all these problems as you will be able to choose some general courses first and see your preferences. There is nothing fearful about going to college while being unsure what majors to choose. Instead of panicking and picking up the subject you think you'll enjoy, take some time and try everything out. Who knows, maybe after some time of taking general courses you will be surprised with what you enjoy! Good luck!

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