College Admission Interview: Avoid Common Mistakes

The unique feature of the admission interview is that it is the first interview a person has to pass. No experience, no idea what to expect lead you to nervousness. Moreover, knowing that your future depends on this short performance might add to the insecurity you feel. Still, it is an experience all the educated people have, and today is the day to share our knowledge with you.

So, what are the dos and don’ts of your upcoming performance at the interview?


Dos: Unlike the job interview, where you will most likely need to show your readiness to cooperate, college interview is about revealing your ability to live on your own. Immaturity is a bad friend here. Try to show your independence by calmness, knowing what you want and not being in a need of your best mates’ opinions when it comes to important life choices.

College Interview

Don’ts: You should never try to seem independent by talking in a careless or disrespectful way. The interviewer might think that entering this college is not important to you, so they should give a chance to someone else. Also, there is no need to underline that you are planning to be financially independent by working part time. Most interviewers will not like the idea to accept a student who is not ready to devote all time to studying.


Dos: You are welcomed to be a little bit of an interviewer as well. Take your time to do a little research about the college and try to clear any aspect you need to know in order to decide if the college is good for you. Also, try to find out if your knowledge will be challenged as well. Look through the needed materials to prove whether your exam results are corresponding to reality.

Don’ts: Do not ask silly questions that can be found on the college website’s main page. This can ruin everything, showing that you do not treat the interview in a responsible way. As well, keep in mind to prepare what you are going to wear to avoid putting on something inappropriate and informal.


Dos: You want to get ready with some of the questions as if it was a short speech. Try to write down or think through the answers to common questions like “Why do you want to study here?” or “Tell something about yourself”. This should be done in order to avoid awkward pauses so speak freely, making an impression of a person who knows what he/she wants.

Don’ts: There is no need to learn the answers by heart. It is not a school play, you should look natural and honest when you answer.

Additional Tip:

No matter if it is an interview for your first-choice college or just a safety variant, try to show all the best sides and give a good impression. You never know how the path of the future turns, so do not neglect any opportunity you have.

It may sound corny but you can do everything if you really want it deep inside to reach a desired outcome. Believing in your self is one of the most remarkable signs of a human’s inner strength, it indicates your self-confidence and a high rate of ability to dedicate yourself to a selected option.

College Admission Interview – What You Should Say

Say It!

To turn your interview to a success you should not only learn all the possible questions that might be asked but also come up with the original and creative answers.

Therefore, a question like “Why did you choose to study at our university” will not get a high five with a reply “Your college is the best in my area”. Even though you are being very sincere with your answers, a commission wants to hear detailed reasons that pushed you to pick up exactly their institution among thousands of other choices. Even if a good praise is essential here, too much flattering can have an absolutely opposite effect.

Also, have a good plan of actions in the future. The commission might ask you about your goals and how you are going to achieve them. Do not talk to no purposes, otherwise you will be hanging by a thread. The reason is, they are usually looking for success-oriented students who know what they want from life and go for it. So, analyze this aspect of your life, develop a suitable strategy of delivering your speech and be precise with it.

Be memorable, develop a really encouraging idea of presenting yourself. Imagine that you are a good and the others have to buy you. Use all marketing methods possible to describe your merits and best sides with the most convincing speech.

Make a visual impression. Sit straight, look forward. Make an eye contact but not for long, because it may seem too arrogant. Have a moderate smile on your face when appropriate and eliminate strong positive energy to leave a good impression of an optimistic person.

There is one more tricky question like “Tell us about your failings”. It may be a good pitfall to see how critically you evaluate yourself. Nevertheless, do not panic, do not tell them right away that you are Mr./Mrs. Perfect with outstanding future. Do not convince them that you have plenty of them and no idea how to deal with all of your drawback. Think of your weak sides but present them like a good opportunity to overcome or even turn them into your advantages!

For example, instead of saying that you have a lack of imagination or creativity, explain how concretely, precisely and responsibly you complete your tasks. Add that you have an analytical mind that allows you to develop your logical thinking and deal with expanded calculation as well as large data bases.

“Did you ever have any difficulties which you overcame with the help of your ____ skills?” Such an unexpected question is now being asked at job interviews as well. In that way, the admission craves to check the skills you have so amazingly depicted in the room in real life. At the first sight, it may seem to be quite a tricky question as well but if you are confident in yourself you will figure out an answer very quickly.

Think of some significant occasion that happened to you and required your ability to show one or another skill. It may be a team work, a leader skill or a resistance to stress situations. Do not be afraid to tell it to a commission as what you find boring and not good enough may be completely meeting their expectations.

These were the most common question that might drive you to a standstill. Feel free to search for a lot of other useful tips in the web but remember: every interview should be a chance that you need to catch up, so do not hesitate and apply for a college and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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