Horrible Dorm Roommate: How to Make Sure You Are Not One of Those

a horrible roommate

Of course, it's a provocative experience for every student to just meet someone and then share a room with this person for at least one year. But having a roommate has a lot of advantages. In fact, most college or university students choose to live with same people for years and often become the best friends. How to behave yourself with the person you have to live with? Here is some advice on how not to become a horrible dorm roommate:

A Lot of Communication

Of course, clear communication is necessary for building any kind of relationship. Being a roommate means having to share a little room with someone else for a long period of time; and in order to avoid any conflicts and misunderstanding, you will have to learn to respect other person's needs and preferences. And the only way to get to know those needs and preferences is through a lot of communication. Maybe you like to have 20 minutes of silence when you come home from classes, don't think your roommate will just figure it out somehow; discuss all these moments as soon as possible and you will surely save both of you from a lot of misunderstandings.

Don't Wait Too Long

Better solve all the problems and issues right away. Does your roommate like to leave a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen? Does this person often take your belongings? Discuss these problems right away. It will be much better to address issues in a friendly matter anyway. After all, the person you live with might not be aware that there is a problem until you point it out.

Personal Stuff

The main dorm rule: your roommate's stuff is your roommate's stuff. Don't think the person you share your room with won't mind if you finish off his(or her) bottle of milk – for he(or she) most likely will be offended. Try to at least let your roommate know before taking anything.

Be Careful About Inviting People

group of students

Even if you are an extrovert and can't imagine your life without constant communication with other people, remember that your roommate may be a total opposite. Your roommate might like to have some quiet time to do his(or her) studying and it will surely irritate him(or her) if you bring a group of your friends into the room, especially if you do this constantly. Communicate with your roommate and make sure you don't make him(or her) feel uncomfortable while inviting other people over.

Treat The Same Way You Want to Be Treated

This rule will never get old. There surely will be a lot of good and bad situations between you two and sometimes it will be very hard for you to find the correct solution in order to avoid a conflict or a problem. The best option is to always follow the golden rule; this way, no matter what the issue is, you will have no second thought as you will know you actions and words were respectful.

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