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Each year the companies who are increasing their influence on the society are in need of thousands of workers. They hire them with different goals, but mostly, they need people for doing the mechanical work without a chance to grow or change the position. However, such people need the worthy payment too. Nowadays, the employers often think of using some type of software rather than hiring real people. We have tried to find whether it has the same productivity.

Brain VS Computer

The difficulty in comparison is that, from the beginning, they work on a fundamentally different scheme. All pulses in computer are synchronized, because at one time it can perform only one operation. This so-called sequential model work, that all operations are carried out in turn one after another. The brain also is a parallel structure and is likely not to be compared to a computer, and a collection of millions of computers - cells of neurons, each of which can independently make its own operations. Any damage to some of its parts leads to a loss of different abilities such as face recognition, reading, analysis, etc.

Working with a Person

Hiring a real person for editing job may be a real advantage for the company. No doubt, a real professional can improve the text and not only remove the mistakes. They better feel the structure and the rules of perception by human's mind. The real editor can use several structures that are too hard for computer checking. Moreover, such person can make reasonable remarks on how to develop the main idea or rewrite some piece of the text. A real communication becomes a benefit of such working as it creates special bond between writers and editors.

The Choice of Software

Computer System

However, using the software may be an additional advantage. The machine is never tired, so it can edit more texts than a human. Moreover, "machine's mind'' is very attentive and programmed to recognize different types of mistakes that automatically highlighted or even corrected. The software can work faster and sometimes it's cheaper. Such way is probably more useful for people who has no need in getting pieces of advice and for those who like the atmosphere of silence and loneliness while working. In the development of artificial intelligence, there’s a positive moral feature - they unwittingly contribute to the knowledge of himself, the principles on which a human being lives, algorithms of thinking. First of all, they help people to stop thinking of themselves as robots.

Comparison of mental activity with cybernetic one does not oblige us to conclude that we or our minds are only a computing machine. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages, however, it suits for different types of jobs. Combining these two methods can be useful for big companies that are in need of both mechanical and thoughtful work.

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