Aims of Education: What It Gives?

Students in Class

Nowadays education is one of the most important things for every person. It determines person’s chances to survive in this cruel world by preparing him for different obstacles. Education is aimed at some main points of which we sometimes even don’t think. How to realize the importance and responsibility that should be a part of every student’s perception? Let’s see!

Basis of Everything

It is obvious, that all educational establishments teach a student basic (reading and writing) and professionally oriented skills, which will be useful in a future career. Indeed, you can hardly find a respected person who has no idea of how to calculate the square root or who discovered America. In addition, education gives us the knowledge that is necessary for being professionals. For example, an economist needs to know at least math and market equilibrium to make decisions about firm’s policy. The foundation of your knowledge allows you to build something more on the gained basis.

Improving Skills

Studying Process

Ideally, schools and institutions of higher education should also provide a student with appropriate tasks. Those are aimed at the developing of a student’s stronger sides. For example, the one who is good at Math should study more about numbers, mathematical operations and how they are used in real life, while a student who has an ear for languages shouldn’t waste his time on chemical experiments or physical theories but devote his energy to studying languages.

Express Yourself

In addition, the most important aim of education is helping a student to express his own opinion and do not stick to what the majority thinks. Although there is an idea that initiative is punishable, there is also a chance that you will be heard and noticed. In addition, if you are a creative, smart, and flexible you must express your own opinion, because there’s no such point as “right”, it’s something about that is new and fresh. Do not forget that the new names in science, journalism, literature did not appear because they only were retelling the already known information but because they used it as a supporting material to produce something that would change the world for the best.

To sum up, ideally, education must be aimed at three main points, which are teaching a student basic knowledge, developing student’s stronger sides, and forming student’s own opinion. If these aims are achieved, a student is ready for an adult life and has taken all the benefits from the learning process.

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