Education System Had to Fundamentally Change Long Ago

The basement of all education systems around the world is school and that is what we are going to explore. Despite schools are integrating new technologies, developing their methods and trying to do their best to give people knowledge, the efforts just can’t be as successful as they want it to be. There are some apparent and hidden problems relating to kid’s psychology, teaching process, the concept of classes itself, government’s policy and goals of education system etc. Such problems are not new and repeatedly been observed but still exist. We will try to illuminate the issues and variants of its solving below.


A Concerned Student

One of the most important purposes of school education is not only to teach students, but also to help them with their socialization. We are finding friends at school, learning to act adequately to the society we live in. And the process of socialization may face several problems as same as the learning process. Here are some of them:

  • A kid in primary and secondary school should spend almost half a day sitting in the classroom. It is a period when your brain automatically explores the world, almost everything is interesting for you at this age and you are hyperactive all the day. Then why you should explore the world by sitting and looking in the book when you can go out to see and learn something yourself? Basic skills such as reading, writing, counting etc. are hard to reach the other way, but what about another knowledge? Such retention of children without their wish may cause naughty or even rude behavior.
  • Competitive climate at the classes and the fact of getting marks divide children into smart and not very. And such division may urge kids to think they are better than others or they are worse.
  • The amounts of children in the class is too high. That definitely causes teacher’s stress. A teacher physically can’t pay as much attention as they should to every kid when a class consists of 15-20 children.
  • Marks. Combined with selfishness or insecurities they often make pupil sad and the consequence is stress.
  • Access to education can vary by geographic location, gender, race and social class.
  • Teachers have no much freedom in their job. They must have the ability to innovate and experiment as teams of trusted professionals.


Draining Classes

The vivid example of overcoming these problems is Finland. Their public opinion about education system is like:

  • Children don’t like to stay at one room for a long time? Ok, they shouldn’t (only 4 classes a day allowed).
  • Teachers must collaborate with kids, not rule them.
  • Kids don’t need any marks (the only standardized testing they must pass they pass when they are 16).
  • National educational plan must be advisory in nature.

This is only few characteristics of their education. Such totally different point of view on education system has caused things like reducing state’s costs per pupil, teachers got the same social status as doctors or lawyers, the gap between the best and the worst pupil is minimal and so on.

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