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The magazine Esquire continues to have a finger on the pulse of a public life. The phenomena that happen to everyone are instantly reflected in the language creating new words (neologisms). What will we see today looking into the mirror of the average English-speaking person?

  • Phone-yawn

    Try to keep yourself when nearby someone yawns with relish. Now try to stop your hand reaching out for the phone to check when your friend has already done it and looks intently at the screen. Both the first and the second action are equally difficult but possible.

  • Bromance

    This is not the abbreviated title for Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance," but the relationship imbued with deep affection between two bro-friends that are not gays.

  • Textretary

    This is not a new profession but a friendly help to a driver to type SMS while he/she drives a car. Safety is at first place; what is commendable.

  • Antisocial Networking

    It is when one gets “ghost friends” in social networks and never says a word. Remember, the joy of life is not in quantity but a quality of friendship.

  • Like shock

    Almost everyone, whatever he/she does in real life, actively shows off in the social networks in the role of photographer and/or writer, posting uncountable photos springing up like mushrooms overnight. When a photo of cappuccino’s foam unexpectedly collects many "likes," the author experiences a shock, a like shock.

  • Broscience

    A word of mouth in the world of men, where the opinion of a comrade is more authoritative than a scientific research or another reliable source.

  • To computer-face

    A thoughtful studying of a monitor imitating the process of a hard work. Do not forget to turn it on before practicing your acting skills, or at least leave the Word open.

  • Girlfriend zone

    The option of friendship between a guy and a girl, in which for the girl everything is seen only in friendly tones, and the guy has hopes for something more, strongly striving for a romantic relationship. The reverse situation is called "Friendzone".

    Pop-art Girl
  • Coffee face

    A person who needs not a make-up, but to drink a cup of a morning coffee to come in shape and proper appearance.

  • Book hangover

    Feeling of confusion and frustration experienced by bibliophiles after he/she comes back to the real world from the world of the heroes of the book. I want to read more and more, but the last page is already turned over.

  • Name ambush

    Meeting with a person whose name you know, but you cannot remember it in time. It is better not to admit it and politely come by the situation, showing politeness and tact.

  • Slide to unlock

    A kind of a girl for whom it is just as easy to take courtship and enter into a relationship as quickly and simply as to unlock the phone.

  • Froday

    The very day when your hair does not fit in a mirror of the usual size, and you finally decide to make an unexpected visit to a hairdresser.

  • Bio-illogical clock

    A biological clock that goes wrong singing to you "let's get up" on Saturday and Sunday morning by force of habit.

  • Facebook minute

    The situation when "I'll check the message for a second" outgrows into the hours of reading the news feed of friends or just wandering on other people's pages without any purpose.

  • Cougar

    This is the name given to the women of pre-Balzacian age (35+), who willingly begin the romance with younger men.

  • Handshake rape

    Deliberately strong handshaking of another person’s fingers in order to demonstrate his/her superiority or strength.

  • Ghost post

    The comment disappearing after a few seconds as far as the author noticed a grammatical error or realized the absurdity of what was said in his/her own words.

  • Gloatgram

    The application Instagram turned into an uninterrupted photo report of a beautiful life. A new outfit, a make-up, a gift, or taking photo of a celebrity or a landmark next to you are your ways to prove your own success to the world.

    Girl Typing the Message on Telephone
  • Curb shame

    This is a feeling of shame overfilling the hyper-educated man when the whole crowd crossed the road to the red light, and he/she remained to wait for the green in a proud solitude.

  • Screen saver

    These are people on whose faces it is impossible to read a single thought. Perhaps, Lady Gaga dedicated her hit "Poker Face" exactly to such individuals.

  • Frenemy

    Maintenance of a friendly relationship with a person to whom, in fact, you feel only hostility.

  • Defensive Eating

    "A dog in the manger" so to say. It is when you strategically and deliberately eat all food because of greed.

  • Air guitar

    An imaginary musical instrument for the game on which you only need imagination and hands. By the way, there is even a world championship on playing an imaginary guitar.

  • First world problems

    "Problems" met by residents of highly developed countries. For example, an unsuccessful wine choice in a restaurant or interruptions in the Internet connection. These all would cause misunderstanding or laughter among residents of the countries of the second and third world.

  • iFinger

    With all the love for food, love for smartphones wins, leaving one finger always clean so as not even for a second to tear your finger off the beloved device.

  • Push pen anxiety

    As a rule, it is public annoying by clicking the pen without a reason or with nervous tension.

  • Humblebrag

    A boastful utterance, which carefully and vainly tries to be disguised by the author under his/her own insignificance by adding the phrase "Who am I in general?" at the end.

  • Facebook necrologist

    In social networks, the lamentation of the death of a celebrity with words like "rest in peace, such and such," "you are forever in our hearts ..."

  • Man cave

    A man's shrine in the form of a room or any other living space, inaccessible to the hands (cleaning) and legs (presence) of a woman.

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