Composing An Essay on the Topic of Fashion


Regardless of whether a professor assigned this topic, or it is something you are immensely interested in, fashion is a topic that can be taken in many directions. From a historical aspect to society’s outlook to your personal attitude toward clothes, your choices are endless. As a result, you may be at a loss and unsure of what to write. Here are a few ideas you could use if you need to compose a paper on fashion.

Historical Outlook

A great way to take your essay would be towards the development of fashion. You do not need to start from the skins of wild animals in prehistoric time, but you could mention the development of clothes in your country, which fashion accessories are no longer used, what color schemes were the most common and what textures were used in clothes back then and now. You can add pictures if you are making a presentation, or give out illustrative material if it is a speech. In the case of an essay, provide detailed and vivid information.

Society Effects

How can you tell a royal from a peasant? A worker from an actor? A waiter from a client? The effects of fashion are immense in our society. Even though we should have a neutral attitude towards all people, regardless of what they look like and what they are wearing, sometimes it is hard, because clothes often show their status and position in society. You can get closely connected and interested in writing about this aspect of your topic if you think of something that has a direct influence on you, for example, your school uniform. Write your thoughts about it and you are guaranteed to have a successful essay.

Fashion Choices

Gender Issues

If you are interested in politics and society’s problems, you could take fashion on a whole other level. Consider the aspect of clothes from the point of view of gender. For example, a man wearing a skirt would most likely cause laughter, yet, in Scotland, the quilt is part of the traditional costume, and does not make a man any less of a man. High-heels were a part of the male costume too. Dig deeper into these issues and you can write an insightful essay about fashion and learn something surprising in the process.

Personal Meaning

Consider the way you choose your clothes. Some might prefer bright colors, some prefer a neutral palette. Some use clothes to accentuate their body figures, others, on the contrary, to hide between the textures. How do you express yourself through clothes? Would you consider yourself a fashionable person? If you can give an extensive answer to these questions, you are likely to have no trouble writing a good essay about fashion.


What are the functions of clothes? Sure, the first one that comes to mind is covering our bodies. The second is protection from the cold. Aside from the practical sides, you could write about the other factors that make fashion what it is. 

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