Most Effective Ways to Study Before the Exam

The final exams are like a clown with bad jokes: everyone either gets irritated or freaks out. You want to go for a walk but you must study. There is your most expecting premiere in the cinema, but you must study. You are dead tired and want to sleep, but you have only two days left before the exam, so… Right. Must study. How does one manage to plan the preparation in the effective way to save some time at least for sleep?

Know Your Enemies

Before you start preparing everything, spend some time on planning what you are going to do. This will keep you off rushing to look through the material helplessly and not being able to memorize a thing. Here is the do-to list:

Point out What You Should Concentrate On

The choice of the material depends not only on what you have learned, but also on your teacher’s habits and style of examining. Should you be good in formulas or know all the chemical processes well? Is your teacher a fan of French poetry or dystopian novels? Prepare all the materials you are going to need, find the data on the Internet in advance.

Find the Best Way to Master It

Is it better to read the texts or the critical articles for you to know the literature theory? Are you going to study at home or are you planning to go to the library? Think of the best surrounding and method for you to perform your best while preparation. Also, keep in mind that asking someone to help you make an improvised exam is possibly the best way to revise the material.

Students in the Library

Mind the Time Frames

A funny notice: as soon as you start preparing to your exam, the world needs you to do something else or to be somewhere else. Suddenly you remember that your dog was not out for a day, that you room needs cleaning, that you ran out of chocolate and potato chips. Do not be tempted! Turn off the notifications, ask your Mom to walk the dog and get that bar of chocolate once you are hallway through, as a bonus (as some never excessive motivation).

Choose a Way to Memorize Everything

Do not even try to squeeze the whole textbook into your head. Your goal is to understand the sense, so you are able to explain the definition in your own words if academic terms fell out of your brain. When it comes to names, places, dates or formulas, make associations to remember them or link them to what you already know.

Do Not Overload Your Brain

It is proven scientifically that after 45 minutes of intense brainwork a person needs to rest 5-10 minutes, otherwise the ability to concentrate and memorize will lower. Better make some tea or busy yourself with another physical activity, it will be perfect for the process.

A Tired Student

Forget About the Diets

Your brain needs fuel to work, so do not worry about giving it some extra calories. Thinking destroys them so effectively, that getting ready to the exams will appear to be a diet itself.

Sleep Well

Staying awake for the sake of studying can play a bad trick, making you feel dizzy and leaving you no chance to remember what you have just learned yesterday. It is not worth to risk it. Better have some mint tea and go to bed as soon as you feel too tired to revise the material.

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