How to Write a Fiction Novel?

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Probably, all of us have dreamed about the creation of a fiction book.  The fame and glory of a bestseller’s author seem to be very attractive for students. Sure, it is wonderful to be invited to various presentations and discussion, communicate with famous people and have a fun army. Moreover, a profit from writing fiction novels is not bad as well. Very popular author earn enough money to buy cars, houses and everything about which an average teenager dreams. However, not all of us know how difficult it may be to become a well-known author of fiction novels. The majority of young people think that a good book may be written for several weeks. On the other hand, it is true that talented authors spend years to produce their bestsellers. Moreover, their first works usually are not appreciated by the public and literary critics. You should know that there are some effective tips on how to avoid such situations and produce amusing novels. Pay attention to the steps, which we compiled below and learn some rules of writing fiction.

Develop Your Idea

It is essential to have an original and creative idea for your novel. This is the first step you should do in the process of its creation. Sometimes, young people choose banal and jejune things for their story. It will probably have no success among the readers, who usually look for unique novels. For example, if you decide to write something about love, you should develop features, which will make your book original. Do not copy a well-known scheme or someone else’s works. This is vital to be confident in your ideas and do not be afraid to express them.

Create a Plan

Before writing your story, it is significant to make a simple plan of your story. It is especially necessary for amateur writers. Usually, young people start their book without having a plan. As a result, they give up writing after several chapters. You have to control all the events and lines in your book: how they are connected to each other and which final it will have. Moreover, having a plan of the story helps you to decide which length your novel will have.

Main Line of Your Book

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You should start with the main plot of your story. It will be the basis for all the sidelines and details. As a rule, there is a certain conflict in the center of the novel. Try to invent something unusual. It may be a specific event from which your story will start. Do not forget about protagonists of your book. Creation of the characters is one of the major parts of your work. Everything plays a role: their names, appearance and temper. Do not forget about the details, which may add something specific to your novel at all. It may be a big scar on the main hero’s face or some facts about his childhood. Let your creativity work in this case. However, you should avoid creating perfect characters as they make your novel insipid.

Side Stories

You should add some more lines to the main plot of your story. Later, they can connect to the single one. Sure, it demands a good imagination and creativity, as you will have to develop several plots at the same time, which seems to be separated from each other. However, they should have the similar final. It is a nice idea to tell the present story and explain some past events simultaneously. This method is used by many famous authors nowadays.

Edit Your Story

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After you finish your novel, there is still some work to do. Firstly, it is the editing of your novel. Sometimes, it takes, even more, time than writing itself. You have to be very attentive and diligent while editing your novel. You will probably delete some paragraphs or even the whole chapters and add something new to your book. Sometimes, the first version of a certain story is completely different from the result, which is published. In some cases, writers even prepare several possible finals for their plot. In addition, you will have to check your text for mistakes. Do not rely only on computer software, as it may miss some incorrect structures. In the case your paper has a lot of mistakes, your publisher may refuse from this novel at all. So, be attentive and act professionally.

To sum up, the creation of a novel is not an easy task. This is not something similar to school essays, which you used to write in the childhood. Fiction demands creativity and good skills at the same time. You have to be experienced and develop your imagination every day. Keep in mind that a good book cannot be written during several days. This is a long-termed work, which demands a lot of efforts and time. However, you may get the fame of a talented author if you create a truly amusing fiction novel. Hopefully, you will not give up even if some failures occur, as it is important to stay well-motivated and encouraged for work. These steps are the major part of the things, which you have to do in order to reach success as a bestseller’s writer. Thanks to this base, you will quickly move through your career ladder and become an exemplar for beginners in writing field. 

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