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Now many people try to learn English independently, without the help of a teacher. This method of studying is quite effective if your level of language proficiency is above average and you have a strong knowledge base. However, there is one serious difficulty – it is hard to find and correct your mistakes. Today we have prepared several useful techniques for you, with the help of which you will learn how to independently detect mistakes in your English and work on their correction.

How to Correct Your Mistakes in Writing?

These are simple tricks that will help you discover and correct your mistakes. To begin with, we will learn to find and correct mistakes in written speech with the help of the following tricks.

  1. Use functions and websites of spelling check

As you know, text editors automatically check our spelling. In addition, there are also online spell check services, for example, We want to tell you about the correct principle of their use. Turn off the automatic spelling check option: a simple machine fix will not teach you anything. Try to write a text first or do an exercise. After that, carefully read the writing and try to find errors. And only now you can turn on the spell check option again. Look at what words the program emphasized, think about why you made this mistake and how to remember correct spelling of the word.

  1. We rely on ourselves

And this is the way for the most patient and zealous people. Similar to the previous exercise, write a text without checking the spelling with the program. After that, put it aside for 1-2 days. After this time, return to the text and try to detect errors in it. And only after that, turn on the spell check. See how good you are at spelling and what you need to work on.

  1. Perform special tasks

There are a lot of websites on the Internet with different exercises. We recommend that you regularly take online tests to correct errors in English. That is, you are given a text or a sentence, and you need to specify which one is written incorrectly. In this simple way, you can check spelling and knowledge of the grammar of English.

  1. Test your knowledge

Tests are one of the most accurate ways to identify your mistakes. With the regular passing of tests and performing exercises on a difficult topic, you will gradually reduce the number of your mistakes.

  1. Use the services that make life easier

On the Internet, there are quite interesting services that will come to your rescue in case you feel uncertain about your knowledge. Have you written a text, but doubt the choice of a suitable word? You can find the right word on Wordhippo. Here, you can find synonyms and antonyms for any English word, see what other words it is combined with, choose several examples of sentences with any word.

  1. Use the tutorial correctly

How do we usually work with the textbook? We read theory, then we practice our knowledge. If you are no longer a beginner, try the opposite method. First, do an exercise on a difficult subject, then read theory. After that, once again, read what you wrote, and try to correct your mistakes. Then check answers and see if you detect all misses.

  1. Get an expert advice

One of the fastest ways to resolve doubts about choosing the right tense, word or grammatical construction is to ask the question to someone who is well versed in it. Fortunately, for today, we are not limited only to our city, you can go to a foreign forum or blog for students of English and ask them a question. And you can visit other resources, where teachers will not just say "we have a habit of writing like this", but explain why it is written just like that, and not otherwise.

  1. Find a pen pal

For many years, people from all over the world have exchanged knowledge: a person teaches you his or her native language, and you teach him or her your native one. Try to find yourself a friend among the native speakers, eager to study your native language. Write them letters, let them check these ones and send them back with corrections. Gradually, you will gain experience and master written speech at a good level. You will additionally be stimulated by the fact that you are ashamed to make mistakes that someone else will see, so, most likely, you will try very hard when writing letters.

How to Find and Correct Mistakes in Speech?

  1. Attend conversational clubs

Speaking is almost impossible to improve without assistance, because conversation is a collective exercise. Therefore, even if you are doing it by yourself, you will need to periodically find an interlocutor. The ideal option is a friend who speaks English at level higher than yours. Perhaps they will be able to point out to you some errors in the speech. What can those who do not have such friends do? Look for an English discussion club in your city. Quite often, there are native speakers at such meetings with whom you can talk.

  1. Record your speech on the recorder

Suppose you are making a story about yourself in English. Turn on the recorder and record everything that you say. After that, turn on the recording and listen carefully to it several times, try to find out your mistakes by yourself. It is advisable to write them down on a piece of paper and try to classify them. So you will understand what to emphasize in speech, for example, not to miss auxiliary verbs or violate the correct order of words in an English sentence.

  1. Use the special service

Do you want to check if you pronounce the long word in English correctly? Go to Howjsay and enter it, and then click Submit. You will hear the sound of your word from the mouth of a native speaker. It is advisable to check all words that you study.

How to Detect and Correct Pronunciation Errors

  1. Return to the recorder

Choose any captivating video in English with subtitles. Turn off the sound, turn on the recorder and read the text from the subtitles. After that, listen first to the record of the video with the native speaker, and then – to your own record. It is best to do this in turns: first the phrase from the native speaker, then the phrase in your voice acting, etc. It will not be difficult to find inaccuracies in pronunciation. Your basic errors will be clear: inaccuracies in intonation, incorrect logical stress, fuzzy pronunciation of sounds – all this will be well heard on the recording. You get a full analysis of your own speech.

  1. Analyze your speech with the help of the program

Do you want to get reliable information about how clear you sound? The website Speechpad will analyze your speech with an accuracy of a thousandth of a percent. Be sure to try, this analysis of speech is also a very exciting thing.

  1. Keep a diary of your mistakes

It is desirable to write all errors that you find in a separate notebook. Periodically you can view it and understand your mistakes. With this simple method, you can gradually get rid of the typical mistakes that have been bothering you for years. Moreover, such a diary will show you grammatical topics you are not good at and which should be given more time.

  1. Do not overdo it

Even geniuses are mistaken, so do not get things out of proportion: everything is fixable, especially in English. Not without reason it is said that the only way to learn something is to make mistakes. Just remember to correct them and improve your knowledge.

Now you know how to find mistakes in your English language by yourself. Everything is quite simple: learn, test your knowledge, try to discover mistakes. However, not all types of errors can be detected using these techniques. In addition, although self-study is an exciting activity, but not simple at all. Therefore, if you still want to speed up the process of mastering English, we advise you to start studying with an English teacher. This is the most reliable way to detect and fix errors.

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