Writing a Persuasive Essay on the Topic “My Idol: Freddie Mercury”

It is understandable, that people are different and everyone might have their own idols, moreover, the position of the idol might be occupied by a number of people during your life.

However, some celebrities have taken this place for so long and so many people are devoted to them, that their fame lasts long after their death. Freddie Mercury was an incredibly talented person and a very important figure in the history of music, so he is definitely worth to be the topic of your idol essay.


Since the essay you will be writing is a persuasive one, you need to keep in mind the special requirements of this kind of essay. The most important ones are listed below:

  • The main aim of your essay is to prove your point to the reader. In order to do this, you should clearly determine the idea you are trying to express. Do you want to show that Freddie Mercury has an important influence in music or in fashion? Or maybe you would like to share the impact he made on your own growth as a personality?
  • Do not forget to supply the facts for your main conclusion. Analyze the information, and firstly state the strongest arguments, and let the weaker ones follow it;
  • Use a psychological technique: repeat the main idea three times, at the beginning, in the middle part, and in the conclusion. It is proved that someone is more inclined to believe a fact if they heard it three times;
  • Remember to include your own analysis of the facts, be careful not to turn your essay into an explorative one. The reader wants to see your perception of the topic, and not to read an encyclopedia article.
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List of Facts That Show How Rich Freddie Mercury’s Personality Was, That If Needed You Can Include in Your Essay

  • It is a known fact, that his real name was not Freddie, but in fact Farrokh Bulsara, which he legally changed after having been a vocalist in Queen;
  • However, when he was called this name, he went berserk and could even throw a punch;
  • The collection of the hits created by the Queen in 1981 was the biggest sell out in history of music, having sold more than 25 million copies worldwide;
  • Freddie was one of the most famous cat lovers the world has ever known. Sometimes he would call home from his tour to talk to his furry pets via phone. During some periods of his life, he had more than 10 cats living with him at the same place;
  • Freddie got insecure every time he had to play the piano during his concerts. Even though he received a musical education, he claimed he did not understand musical notes;
  • Freddie origins from Zanzibar, however he has been placed under the number 59 of the 100 greatest Britons according to the BBC’s poll;
  • His skills as a specialist in art and graphic design have been used in developing the famous Queen emblem which is said to be one of the most successful nowadays;
  • Freddie Mercury is world-wide known for his inclusive manner of performing on stage, continuously it has become his trademark. Nowadays a trick called “bottomless mic” is being known all over the world, has actually happened by accident. The thing is, at one of his concerts the mic stand just snapped but the artist went on singing like nothing happened and turned this into a new scoop;
  • His singing skills are impressive. He is one of only few tenors ranged men in the world who has almost four octave range recorded;
  • The greatest and flamboyant rock start was very shy and modest in real life and rarely agreed for an interview;
  • The sexual orientation of the most notable artist of all ages still evokes lots of discussions. Some claim that he was gay as it was revealed in the Queen song and was actually quite popular trend among celebrities of those age, others say that he loved only one woman during his whole life and it was Mary Austin, who he met in the early 70s and whom he left all his house, money and recording royalties after he died;
  • The last time we have been honored to see the whole four members on stage as well as Freddie Mercury was in year 1990 when Queen won the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution. After that he did not appear anymore trying to fight his severe impairment caused by AIDS;
  •  Zoroastrian was his main religion as well as of all Parsi and he stayed true to it even after his dead. A Zoroastrian priest has been performing the funeral service of Freddie Mercury;
  • There is a species of yellow flowers named after the great artist in his honor;
  • Among other mentions about Freddie Mercury there is also a statue in Montreux, Switzerland, which was unveiled on 25 November 1996, 5 years after his death.

You can freely include some or all of these facts into your persuasive essay when depicting the life story of the greatest musician of all ages. Do not forget to state why you admire or do not care about this personality as well as why you think that having an idol in the school years or later is good or bad.

Whatever side you choose to take, be convincing in your arguments as a core role of your essay is its skill to persuade all and everyone that your point of view is correct. To help you we have prepared a well-structured and good persuasive essay that may induce your classmates and a professor to believe you did a great job.

A Great Example of a Persuasive Essay about your Idol

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A few points to mention in your persuasive essay:

  • Start with a good introduction. Develop it to be gaudy and alluring. Do not say very much here but pay more attention to the main idea of your essay which should be enlightened for everyone to get it from the very beginning;
  • Define your point of view.  After having depicted the main message on idol definition you may proceed to different points of view on this topic as well as your own. Be precise and condense your main body if needed;
  • Provide every argument with an example. Even if you consider every argument as quite understandable, make some effort and pick a few examples that may support your point of view and help everyone stand at your side which is the main task for you right now;
  • Always ask if there are any questions. First of all, it shows your respectful position to your listeners but also lets you get the absolute winner in the persuading skill so that nobody has any doubts.

We are sure that your persuasive essay on an idol will become a success, if you still have any qualms just contact our writing service and get a good piece of advice from us!

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