Graduation Period: Signs that You Refuse to Acknowledge

Person in Denial

Like most of students, you may prefer to refuse to believe the fact that you are a graduate now and have to leave the school and people you have grown to love so much. Your unwillingness is understandable – everyone wants to stay young forever – but don't you think it's time to accept the reality? If you can relate yourself to most of the statements below, then you are in denial and it is time to do something about it.

Ignoring All the Warnings

While checking your email you avoid all the messages that have the words 'ceremony', 'graduation', 'seniors', etc. If you don't think about graduation then it won't happen, will it? Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way and reality will find you sooner or later so it's about time to check all the necessary information in the emails and start preparing your graduation arrangements. Besides, it's time to finally cancel your email subscription to different student's sources.

Avoiding Discussion About the Future of Your Friendship

With all your heart, you keep yourself from thinking that these late-night conversations with your roommate are about to become just a thing of the past and that keeping in touch will be very difficult with new jobs and new lives. You still concentrate on here and now and not on the fact that in a couple of weeks all your college friends will go by different paths and you will never have an ability to see each other every day. It's time to go out of your shell. Meet with your friends as often as you can and make sure to find a way on how to stay in touch with them in your future life.

Pretending You Still Have Time to Finish Your Bucket List

Is your schedule too busy to visit that campus sports event you've always wanted to attend? Surely, the answer is no. You are just lying to yourself that there will still be the next time. The truth is there might be no 'next time'. There is no guarantee that you will live in this city, or even if you will, most likely, you will have some more important things to do that attending the student's sports event. Now is the perfect time to do this, so take your bucket list and go ahead.

Not Knowing Anything About the Graduation Day

How many ceremonies are there to be present at? What's the dress code? What do you have to bring with you? You have no clue about what's going on. Your parents and relatives are constantly asking you about all the details; but it seems that you are less aware than they are. Okay, that is a bad sign. It's time to get to know all the necessary info and finally make the reservations for the guests you want to invite.

Graduation Day

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