Grammar Misuse Can Cause Real Problems – Did You Know It?


Even if you are not going to be a prominent writer and need English just for a basic communication, you have to be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a correct manner. Grammar misuse or wrong word choice can lead to the serious problems that can have an overall negative effect on the course of communication.

Poor Communication

I am sure at 101 percent that you came across the situations when the use of a single word or a comma had a crucial meaning for the understanding of the whole sentence. Look at two sentences below:

Let’s eat grandmother;

Let’s eat, grandmother.

As you can see, the absence of a single comma leads to a horrible misunderstanding. In the first case, the sentence can be spoken by a group of cannibals or by the wolf from the fairy tale The Little Red Riding-Hood, while in the second sentence, the comma shows us an address to the grandmother and incitement to go to eat together.

Let us discuss one more case this time from real life that will show us an importance and the inestimable role of grammar knowledge in the process of communication. A Canadian cable company Rogers Communications started a dispute with a telephone company Bell Aliant due to the missed comma in a contract. Such misplaced comma was, in total, worth $2 million!

Poor First Impression

Grammar misuse can cause not only a communication breakdown but also a negative first impression. If you are an owner of a company, it will be very disreputable of you to misspell words in an official letter or contract.

In that regard, it can result into a customer disloyalty. They can think if the owner of a company is neglectful even in such issue as grammar and overall literacy, then what to think about the product the company launches and offers.

Another example of a negative influence of grammar illiteracy can be found among “supposed” employees. Today, many applicants do not pay enough of attention to the grammatical part of their resumes making really silly mistakes and showing in this way their general level of proficiency. Such person can have even the appropriate skills and experience for a certain position, but poor grammar can be a bright evidence of negligence and unprofessionalism.

Ashamed Man

As you can see, dear reader, poor grammar is no longer an issue about which you had to worry only in school or university, it is a key aspect playing a huge role in many life areas.

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