Forget about Feeling Guilty

Being guilty is another feeling, which distracts you on the way to your aims and adds negative emotions to your life. Get rid of it with the following pieces of advice.

Don’t feel sorry about your mistakes.

You tried and failed – so what? The main word out of these two is “tried”. You have made an effort, you made a step, even if it was in a wrong direction – you had learned your lesson. As you get older, you will feel sorry not for the things where you had lost, but for the ones that you hadn’t even tried. Analyze your choices and actions, learn from all the mistakes and become wiser and stronger!


Don’t feel guilty for spending time on yourself.

Millions of people suffer from this one. Sometimes it seems that by spending time on yourself you steal from the others, who need it more – family, your loved ones, your employees. Of course, they need you and your time. However, a personal space is not endless: you need to care about yourself, especially if there are the ones dependent on you. Everyone will benefit if you become happier, stronger and more relaxed after spending some time on yourself. Don’t feel guilty for saying no. This is another common problem for many of us. You should be determined to understand your wants, needs and abilities, to figure out what is good for you. Agreeing on something you don’t really want makes you unhappy, you feel as you are losing your time and, finally, you feel guilty for saying yes. Avoid making that mistake. Think wisely before agreeing with something and be conscious and brave enough to say no – at the end everyone will benefit from this decision.


Don’t feel guilty for following your dream.

Many people are surrounded by the ones who care about them. The problem is that quite often the ones who love us the most think that they know the best how we should live to be happy. With the best intensions they make plans for our lives and expect us to follow them, as it will be for our own good. Unfortunately, a lot of times they do not take into consideration dreams and wants of an actual person. Following your dream takes a lot of courage, time and effort, but in the end of the day it is always worth it! Don’t let fear of disappointing your loved ones to lead your life. Living according to someone else’s plans will eventually either make you feel numb, or as there is no sense in the way you spend your life. Put the guilt away and be proud of following your dream!

Don’t feel guilty for telling the truth.

It doesn’t mean saying anything that crosses your mind, but telling the truth, no matter how hurtful it is, always frees you. Think wisely, and if you decide that it is essential to share the truth – follow your decision and never feel guilty about it!

But, of course, there always are some things you should feel guilty about; one should have enough courage to realize his guilt, to apologize, and to fix what can be fixed. Maxim Gorky once said: “Let us not search for the guilty ones only among others, let us speak the bitter truth: we are all guilty ... each and every one of us.”

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