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I know exactly what you need! And I don`t have to use Lucifer`s tricks like he does in that cool TV-show to find out that you want to learn how to write cool essays. If it`s not what you truly desire, then I`m sorry for wasting a couple of your seconds, you may keep on surfing the net.

Wait though! If you don`t want to write as brilliantly as Jack London or Ernest Hemingway, then, perhaps, I may interest you in a cool trick (this one has nothing to do with Satan, I promise) that will help you get awesome grades without spending sleepless nights on research and writing.

Let`s say, you need to do homework but you`re way too busy to write it, so you decide to make a power move and buy essay online. It`s a good idea, indeed.

So, let`s get back to our very first question, and I`ll ask you yet another one. Who do you think are the best writers of a small literary form? Of course, these are journalists! They can write about the most complicated issues like international relations, war conflicts, and economics in a way that you`ll dive into a topic after a couple of sentences and you`ll feel all kinds of emotions while reading a professional journalistic article. Speaking of politics, it`s one of these guys` favorite themes.

Learning how to write applying this style sounds like a good idea, right? On top of that, your grades could really make the most of those skills. However, there are two issues that you need to know about.

Firstly, when we`re talking about professional journalists who can set a really good example, we mean reporters from such newspapers as “The Washington Post”, “The New York Times”, or “The Guardian”. These are beloved classics which are widely known in business and political circles as the most trustworthy sources of information. Secondly, you don`t really have to learn how to write like those reporters because you`ll have to study journalism for about 4 years and then apply to another university to show off your skills. You just need the basics, and this is exactly what you`re going to get here.

Well, serious and reputable newspapers aren`t the only places where you can find professional talented writers. Some websites have great teams which will help you with any kinds of college papers in no time. If you have an intention to pay for essay and you want it to look just like a newspaper article, you can just add this requirement, and we will surely take it into consideration.

You Don`t Take a Plunge Right Away

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We have a very complicated mission here today, which is to teach you how to write like a journalist, fitting all tips into one article. Fine, we`re going to start with broadening your outlook. At universities journalists study all fields of social activities including sciences, art, culture, literature, history, philosophy, and many others. Specific journalism-aimed courses may form around a half of the studying process. If you work on the development of your intellectual skills, memory, and imagination, then it will be your first step to a perfect writing style.

You need to read as much as possible. Yes, I know that you don`t have time for that, but it`s the 21st century! There are audio and e-books, you have an access to gadgets 24/7, you don`t have to carry volumes of novels with you anymore. You need to be familiar with all literary genres and learn how to persuade yourself to read even those books which you don`t like or that seem plain boring. It`s practically what you do on a daily basis studying at university. There is the reason why we`ve mentioned Ernest Hemingway and Jack London above. These world-famous writers started as journalists! So, if you are patient enough to read most of their works, you`ll be able to get into the depths of their ingenious styles and try to apply them in your own works.

Watch movies and start with good old classics, like the films by Ingmar Bergman. And of course, apart from books, you need to read articles from time to time. Just out of curiosity, try to compare the style of writing of “The Wall Street Journal” and “The Huffington Post”. These are both highly-respected media outlets, though one of them dares to be sarcastic and the other one prefers to keep serious vibe. Just check them out. What is more, you`ll get a rich vocabulary, be able to juggle euphemisms and metaphors, and find out all kinds of linguistic tricks which will make your texts unforgettable.

You`ve Never Thought It Is Necessary

How many sources of information do you use in order to write an essay? No, I don`t mean for the whole text but for a single fact of that essay? Let`s say you have a sentence about Bill Gate`s net worth. Where will you find the information about the exact amount of money? Let me guess, it must have been the very first page that a browser proposes to you. The iron journalistic rule is that you need to find three independent (!) sources of information in order to consider your text to be truthful and relevant. Perhaps, you wouldn`t have to go to such extremes, and we have two suggestions for you.

You can just find the primary source of information by clicking on links until you find a media outlet which posted it first. Or you can address an awesome service which will check everything for you. You can easily order completed homework based on the most trustworthy information. BBC, for example, has very strict requirements, and you may notice that they post news later than other outlets. These journalists don`t chase sensations, they would never publish a news piece if they didn`t find three independent sources of information. Besides, your reference list will look really cool and persuasive.

What`s with You Social Skills?

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Where can you find the best source of information that can provide you with all details? It`s always a person! A politician, a celebrity, a scientist, or an eyewitness, these are the people who will serve as the most relevant source of information. That`s why every journalist knows how to interview people and how to make them talk. But why would you need to do an interview if it`s just an essay? Why would you go into so much trouble?

You`re definitely going to apply those skills while writing a more serious work like a thesis. And if you include a dialogue with a specialist in an essay, it would be unusual, fresh, and you`ll get an awesome grade.

This Is Not the Best Time to Be Unfriendly

It`s about your writing style. A dry text including tons of information that is impossible to digest and has zero literary value won`t earn you any satisfying grades. The universal rule which can be applied here is that you should always address an audience in a friendly manner. Even if it`s an essay on a super complicated topic, just imagine that you`re texting your friend and she/he asks you to explain something or to express your opinion. You definitely won`t practice a Wikipedia factual style in a message like this, right? So, a couple of jokes and a sarcastic tone are more than welcomed.

However, there are those topics that you`re struggling to find a right approach to. It can be either a controversial or rather sensitive issue, or the right answers to it simply don`t exist. If this topic revolves around politics, religion, or ethics, then difficulties that you may face are rather common. What you should do is to address our high-quality website where you`ll be able to buy college papers just in one click.

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