A Descriptive Essay about Nature: What Should You Remember

People describe things every day, as in the flow of conversation it is natural to use descriptions to make the picture more vivid for the listener. We describe something we have seen to the person who hasn’t, or explain the way something works to a person who doesn’t know it. However, even though we often stumble upon descriptions, we might feel lost when we have to intentionally compose one. A task like this might seem easier if you follow a couple of simple steps of writing a descriptive essay.

  • Create a situation

    You might think, that describing is only about the object and is not supposed to have any background. This is just partially true. Even though your essay is about describing the nature around you (or from your memories), you still need to create a character. It can be a real you or an imaginary person. Think about how the character feels while observing nature, what has brought them here, what are they thinking about. Imagine yourself being this character.

    Hint: This is much easier to achieve if you use your memory and add some vivid details instead of creating a new person.

  • Imagine the picture

    It is really important that you imagine the objects around you, the weather, time of the day and the season. If you don’t do it, it might appear, that you mention a lonely wooden house on your right, and then say that there is not a single sign of the presence of people around you.


    Hint: Draw a rough map of the place you are going to describe, so your essay is logical.

  • Make it convincing

    If you have decided to describe a fantasy world instead of a real one, add some details that will seem usual for every person. For example, if you want to describe a flower, compare it to a well-known one. You can say, that it “looked like a bright purple tulip, its petals encircling a little blue fire”. While the world is imaginary and new, it will make it easier for the reader to imagine this plant.

  • Think of unusual comparisons

    What you are creating is an artistic work, not only an assignment. If you say, that you felt cold because of the wind, it will not add to the effect of your paper. On the contrary, if you mention, that “the wind was blowing, as if it was your enemy, wishing to freeze you to death”, if will clearly explain how cold you felt.

  • Read it carefully

    You want to read your essay really carefully, not only to proofread it, but also to check if you managed to share the mood you wanted to share. Are there enough descriptions or have you turned your essay into a clearly narrative one? Does it meet the requirements? Is it logically constructed? If you answer with a certain “yes” to all these questions, your perfect descriptive essay is ready.

    Read carefully

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