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Every new year in the life of the planet can be characterized with particular events. The same thing takes place in the world of every language. Today, we would like to open the novelties for the last ten years in the world of British English that not only appeared but managed to safely fix in British dictionaries.

  • 1. Aha Moment

    A moment of sudden insight, understanding, or inspiration. The apple that fell on Newton's head provoked this very moment.

  • 2. Bucket List

    A list of things that a person wants to do before he/she dies. Jump with a parachute, save a homeless kitten or try fresh oysters, for example. It is not necessary to fear death to plan and realize these and other moments of your life.

  • 3. Earworm

    A song that sounds in your head, as if at the command of a "repeat" button. It is great when it is a favorite song, worse if you heard passing by a gas station.

  • 4. Energy Drink

    Energy drinks add strength and vigor. However, they also deprive of sleep and health. Therefore, choose what is more valuable for you: a healthy organism or something else, for what you have decided to drink this wonderful muck with "harmless" caffeine, ginseng, niacin, or taurine.

  • 5. F-bomb

    This euphemism is used for certain words that begin with the letter "F," which are hardly included in the list of allowed in a decent society. American inferior comedies are full of similar words, they are known to everyone who is somehow familiar with the products of Hollywood.

  • 6. Game Changer

    An unexpected turn of events, which drastically changes the conditions of the situation or the outcome of the case.

  • 7. Gassed

    This word can mean a state of either fatigue or intoxication. Both in first and in second case it is better to go to bed, as in any other incomprehensible situation.

  • 8. Gastropub

    An establishment that is identified with good alcohol and excellent cuisine. Simply put, imagine your favorite place in the city and remember this English word corresponding to it.

  • 9. Man Cave

    It is a room the main designer of which was a man who is fond of sports. Just do not look for dumbbells, a barbell, and a sports wall – it will be enough to have a TV and a soft sofa.

  • 10. Sexting

    It is when someone sends revealing photos or messages using a mobile phone. As you understand, the phone is only a means of transmitting information that runs in someone's excited ... head.

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