How to Write a Poetry Analysis Paper?

Poem Analysis

Review the Context

Before you start studying the concepts revealed in the poem, you are to learn the condition under which it has been written. This will let you uncover certain points correctly without making up wrong arguments. Among the context points are:

  • The cultural aspects;
  • Place of poems origin;
  • Time of its writing;
  • Historical meaning: was it a response to some political events or changes?
  • Relevance to author’s life: most poems are autobiographical and you can easily see the nature and ideas of the writer between the lines.

Poem’s Authors: Do They Matter or Not?


In the poetry analysis, there are different theories regarding the role of its author. Some of them state that it has an exclusive meaning since the poems are mostly the reflection of the poet’s nature and vision of the world. Other theories suggest that we forget about the author’s existing and review the poems as a separate and self-sufficient piece.

You are to select an approach which suits to your assignment: it is better to clarify with the professor if they expect you to pay much attention to the author’s personality or to the poem itself.

Poem’s Style

Person Reading Poems

If you have never dealt with the poetry analysis before you should learn a little bit about their classifications. For instance:

  • In case the poem tells about a certain national hero and their feats it is likely to be an epic genre that has its own peculiarities.
  • The poem which mostly appeals to feelings and contains and number of poetic figures is considered as a lyric one. Typically, lyric poems are shorter than the epic ones but may contain more complicated concepts that are not revealed in an easy way.
  • There are different genres like sonnets, ballads, haiku and a number of others that have their special features. For example, ballads have a narrative nature, dramatic ending and a special composition. If you are assigned to analyze the ballad you need to show the understanding of these points in your paper.

Themes that Are Revealed

Although poems are a way shorter than prose they are able to uncover really significant themes in such a brief form. Your task is to be able to decode those themes in the poetic lines even if they are mentioned in just few words. For this, you have to be attentive and do not skip any word during your analysis. The most popular themes in the poems are eternal: they are love, friendship, patriotism and nature. 

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