Report on Causes of Forest Fire: Important Issue to Bring Attention

Blaze in Forest

Wildfires are raging in the state of Oklahoma, the US, mostly in the northwest of the state. The forest burns because of severe drought, according to the report of local rescuers. If such weather lasts any longer, the flame will continue to spread not only across forests but also across steppe and farmers’ fields, causing uncontrolled combustion of vegetation and peat blaze.

Isn’t this problem a good precedent on writing your own report about a forest fire and ways to prevent it? College papers on this topic will be quite interesting.

Why Forest Fire Appears and What Human Should Do to Refrain from It?

In the report, define the culprits and the starting point, then talk about the causes. You do not need to analyze, just state the facts. If you feel that you lack the information, do not fill your report with unnecessary words, but just pay for essay done online.

In most cases, forest fires are caused by human carelessness. Forest combustion destroys trees and shrubs, decimates woods products, buildings and structures. As a result of conflagration, useful properties of the forest are reduced, valuable fauna is destroyed, planned woodland management and use of forest resources are violated. Up to 80% of fires arise because of violations of blaze safety measures when dealing with fire in places of work and rest, or because of the use of faulty equipment in the forest. As it is evidenced in numerous scientific reports, all forest fires begin because of external causes.

Typical Reasons for the Occurrence of Wildfires

  1. Tossing a burning match or a cigarette end.
  2. Bullet after a hunter's shot.
  3. Bonfire left on dried herbs or on a sawmill.
  4. Burning grass in the forest or on the field.
  5. Household work (incineration of garbage, road construction, etc.).

Following Ways to Extinguish Forest Fires

To complete your report with a solution, you may mention the following suggestions for how to extinguish a forest fire:

  1. Use bundles of branches 1-2 m long or small leafy trees to put out the flame.
  2. Use a shovel to cover the burning grass with some soil/
  3. Trample a small fire with feet carefully.
  4. Extinguish the flames with water if you can find it and report about it.

The crucial thing is to notice the combustion in time, to smell out the fire, and to report about its direction.

Indirect Signs of Approaching Forest Fire

Those signs may be mentioned in the preamble to the report, providing arguments for the accident:

  1. Persistent smell of fire in the air;
  2. Foggy smoke spreading through the forest;
  3. Unsettled behavior of birds, insects, or panic escape of animals.

How to Behave

You may also offer the course of actions to take after the fire has been determined.

After detecting a conflagration, do not run and panic. To recognize the limits of the fire center, rise to a lofty point on the ground or climb a high tree. Determine the evacuation path, taking into account the direction and approximate speed of the flames. Hide from the fire in shallow, nude areas of swamps or on rocky peaks of ridges above the forest level.
If for any reason you find yourself in the fire area, you should clean as much space as possible from leaves, grass, and branches. It is advisable to cover the mouth and nose with a wet band or towel and to take off clothes made from synthetic fabrics as well as to get rid of flammable equipment.

Every step can also be explained and elaborated. It is possible to add pictures for the better clarity. If you need help with designing a good report, PaperCheap.Co.Uk is here for you.

Safety Measures

Also, in your report there can be a piece of advice on how to avoid the negative consequences.
If you want to light up a hearth without starting a wildfire, you should choose a place for a fire which should not be near trees, among dried-out cane or in the peat. You should always be stay near the fire. Do not leave the bonfire without being convinced that the flame was doused. If there are small fire parts, then they must be immediately extinguished with water, sand, or ground. Shelter it with tarpaulins, wet clothes or bundles of branches.

Even though not all parts mentioned may be necessary for the report, but it is up to you to decide what to include. Your report may be general (about the current situation or about the general measures to take) or specific (dealing with a particular case of the forest fire). In both cases, such homework is very useful for students because they learn how to deal with emergency situations.

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