Presentation Preparation Tips and Secrets

Nowadays supporting your speeches in classes with a presentation becomes a common thing. Slides are a good way to attract the attention to the subject and highlight the key moments of the information you want to present. The badly designed slides, with a lot of unnecessary text or bad pictures, can distract or even irritate the listeners. So, how to prepare them correctly? Check some useful advice to avoid the common mistakes:

Preparing a presentation

Prepare the content

The first thing to do is to compose a text to fill the slides with. You have to choose the key moments of your speech for these purposes. Follow these basic rules:

  • No copy and pasting. Your slides should be original and keep the main point of the each part of your speech.
  • No distracting. Design should be basic and simple in order to give the listeners a chance to focus on your speech.
  • Check the font. Use a readable and understandable font size.
  • Headings. Use a bigger font size to highlight the headers of slides.
  • Decorating. Use some pictures or diagrams if necessary, but make sure slides are not overloaded with information. If so, create a couple of slides instead.


Use the same font size on all the slides. Another important thing: colors chosen for all the slides should match. You may select the ones from the same color spectrum as pictures or diagrams used in the presentation.


Always remember to keep it simple and clear. Try not to use full sentences in the slides, use only keywords instead. You have to realize that slides are only there to give you a support, never stick to reading, talk freely, and improvise! If you read your slides dryly, your listeners will get bored and uninterested.


Images are necessary for every presentation, people always want to see the proof of your words and a wisely chosen visual tip will help you to pass the main idea to your listeners. Use more pictures or diagrams in your slides than text. Make sure all of them complement your speech and aren't used as a decoration. Sometimes an image can say more than a thousand words, so select all of them carefully.


Using animation effects is a very tricky thing. It can be a very powerful tool to draw the attention to the needed matter, but if it's not used wisely, it can cause a comic impression. So, if you decide to apply a media effect, use it to visualize and highlight the complicated issues.

Keep your listeners in mind

No matter how brilliant you have designed your slides, if the attention of your listeners is lost, you will fail. So focus on your audience while preparing your slide. Here are some questions for you to keep in mind:

  • What is needed to be told?
  • What will they be expecting?
  • What will be interesting to them?
  • What may keep their attention?
  • What can I teach them?


A well-prepared talk will definitely get your listeners interested. Make sure you know your slides inside and out, speak loudly and clearly, don't mumble, don't speak too fast, keep an eye contact with your public - all these tips will no doubt help you to give a fantastic speech!

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