An Experiment for Procrastinators


Many people spend much time to find a personal motivation to achieve the ultimate goal. Here is an interesting experiment for procrastinators which will help achieve a goal within a week. You just need to evaluate how each method helps you maintain motivation. After eight weeks you will be able to identify what motivates you personally.

Keep in Mind the Consequences

Set the term for a task, and specify what unpleasant consequences will appear if you do not do it on time. Share your aim with someone else or in public, thinking up a penalty in case of failure. Let's say you want to write 1000 words a day, and by the end of the week you will finish a chapter of your course work. Publish a post on a social network, which will contain information about the fact that if you do not finish it on time, you will do something unpleasant or even humiliating. It is important for the punishment to be difficult to you.

An Inspiring Finish

Make a list of ten short actions (for 10 minutes or less) that you want to perform this week as a part of a certain project, or a list of five items for each day. Cross out items one after another, the latest will be easier to carry out.

A Powerful Question "Why?"

Think about the arguments on why you need to finish a project. Maybe after its completion, you will be proud of yourself, or another person's life will be better. Try to understand what the real reason for your actions is. Write down the answer to the question "Why do you need this?" and keep a reminder before your eyes until the project is completed.

Refresh Sensations

When you start any business, you start it enthusiastically. However, this enthusiasm fades away very quickly. Do not let this happen. Every morning put a smile on for the whole day. Find inspiration, visualize your goal, listen to music, read books, watch videos that motivate you. Do everything; the main thing is to reach the goal before the end of the day.

Be Faithful to Your Words

Be faithful to your words and you will feel safe. People trust those who fulfill their promises. To do this, you need to become a man of your word. Start with small things: tell yourself that you will do something that will take 10-30 minutes, and then do it. With every fulfilled promise people will trust you more and more.


Happy Person

Experience the taste of victory after completing a project or reaching a goal, make a pause to feel the taste of victory. Don't forget to fix your results and go ahead!

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