Why Do You Not See Progress in Learning English?


"Why am I standing still?", "When will I already learn this English?" – sometimes students ask these questions to their teachers. As you can see, this problem is common, especially among impatient newcomers. On the Internet, you can find a lot of articles on how to quickly and easily learn English. Only these recommendations will not help you until you figure out the source of the problem. Eliminate the cause – fix the problem. Shall we try?

This happens often: people learn English for more than a month or a year when they suddenly realize that they have reached a certain level and cannot move from this place. The stubbornest begin to attack the inexorable science from all sides: cram, engage daily, look for the best teachers of English. Others simply give up their studies, calling themselves hopeless. We will try to understand the main reasons for the lack of progress in learning English.

The Most Common Reasons for the Lack of Progress

  1. Lack of motivation

    This has been discussed millions of times. Again, we are resting on your interest and the problem of setting goals. It is the hardest business for those who learn the language "for themselves" or as a hobby. They shirk lessons as they can: they feel bad, then the Internet has been turned off, then the horoscope does not order to study today. Even if you learn the language solely for general development, do not be lazy to spend a couple of hours and formulate an intelligible achievable goal.

    By the way, though some complain about low salaries and would like to study English for free, it is the fact of payment that makes them go to classes. Maybe it is worth investing in your education?

  2. Lack of language environment

    Yes-yes, exactly the same immersion, which we mention practically in every article. And we will not tire of repeating, because a certain part of our readers ignores this factor. Just do not say that there is no time or financial opportunities for communication. We are strict, but fair. So be it, we recall: music, movies, videos, social networks. For example, learning English through films and TV shows is both useful and interesting. And songs? This is an inexhaustible source.

    After all, you all know this, you have heard it many times. Do you apply this in practice? Surely you are listening to some new song. It is beautiful, but do you understand the text? Or have you already read the translation on the Internet? And how about doing it by yourself at least once? Believe, you will not only be EXACTLY aware of what one is singing, so also easily learn 5-7 words. So, what is new for us in music? Run for the dictionary!

  3. Overestimation of your knowledge

    Many professors teach for 10-15 years, but none of them considers themselves to be a king or a queen of the language. Every day they study, improve, study new approaches, vocabulary, idioms. Have you reached the Advanced level and consider yourself a great connoisseur? There is no limit to perfection, so do not be lazy to receive new knowledge. We are glad for your high achievements, but there is much more to come!

  4. Lack of a systematic approach

    Often students believe that the textbook program is boring, monotonous and requires innovations, so you need to change it by yourself. Of course, if you study English with the textbooks of your mother or grandmother, you are right. But, learning with modern books, you should not engage in amateur activities.

    Authors are not stupid people, they have been working on the textbook for more than one year and have developed such a logic of presentation of the material that is best perceived by students.

    Usually, studying is divided into blocks-lessons, there you study the interconnected material, fixing grammatical constructions and vocabulary in memory. Do not skip any topic on the principle of "not useful/rarely used in life". Fragmentary knowledge will interfere with the normal retention of the material. Believe, a teacher does not set the goal of loading you with the unnecessary luggage of vocabulary and grammar.

  5. Lack of a competent mentor

    We are not trying to impose a professor on you. You can learn English by yourself if you have a competent mentor. This is the person who can test the effectiveness of your studying, evaluate the notorious skills. Without outside help, you cannot understand whether you pronounce words, build sentences, use times correctly. Perception of English speech can be developed only in the process of communicating with a native speaker or a good teacher.

    Of course, you can communicate with foreigners, ask your English-speaking friends to check your knowledge, etc. But it is not a fact that your new friends will turn out to be literate, because we also make mistakes sometimes.

    If you really want to save money, you can take English lessons with a good tutor at least a couple of times a month. It is not expensive, but you will hear an objective opinion about your knowledge, skills, inaccuracies.

  6. Low self-esteem

    How often do you say to yourself: "I am good, today I learned 10 new words"? And how often do you whine: "I am stupid, nothing is given to me, English is too difficult for me"? You can all, do not lose heart and believe in your own strength. It does not matter how old you are, what gender you are, what ratio IQ you have. It is important to think positively and not to focus on small failures.

  7. Breaks in classes

    Admit it, you also did not go to class for at least once in a lifetime: there was no mood, the cat wanted to play or towels in the closet were not composed correctly and you had to clean up? If such excuses are relevant for you more than once a month, it is time to reflect on systematic nature of classes.

    Do not let your soul be lazy. Buy toys for your cat, towels will wait, the mood goes up by itself in classes with a good teacher! You will see, permanence is a good and useful quality, and it will soon bear fruit.

  8. Negligence towards homework

    Do you think homework is created by harmful professors who do not know how to load you to the maximum? But no, homework is as important educational stage as communicating with a teacher.

  9. Lack of a conversational practice

    It is not enough to listen to songs and watch movies, you also need to sharpen your skills, use your knowledge in practice. Communicate with foreigners, they are so cute! It is no secret that residents of foreign countries are very welcoming and sympathetic to foreigners. So use these qualities for your and their good! Where to get a "victim"? Look for forums, chat rooms, learn English via Skype and do not hesitate to talk to strangers while travelling.

  10. Dislike for studies

    Something is well done if it is done with love. Try to awaken this feeling in yourself. If you not like the teacher – change him or her, you do not like the textbook – find something more interesting, it is boring to learn English on your own – study it with a friend, practice in a group. We are sure, everyone can find their way to English, one has only to want.

    We hope our article helped you understand yourself. We call everyone: do not give up despite the difficulties.

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