Cheating on Exams: Reasons

Exam Cheating

From a young age, we are taught that cheating in school is immoral and dishonest. We rob ourselves from precious knowledge and hurt our peers with deceitful results. Yet, there is statistical evidence that students in high school and college continue to cheat on various assignments, including exams. What are the roots of such behavior and are we really focusing on the right problems when talking about cheating?

Academic Pressure

Most students admitted to cheating due to academic pressure. When we are too stressed about the amount of tasks that we need to complete, when the deadlines are approaching, when there is no time to take a break we are bound to break ourselves. The easy way out seems like cheating, which brings the desired score without the added pressure of studying, worrying and revising. In reality, what we need to do is plan ahead and think how to avoid the situation when there is completely no time to accomplish anything.

Need to Shine

A surprising discovery states that a huge amount of students experience the need to always be on top and as a result are overwhelmed by the need to out-do their peers during exams. This is a topic that rings the bell for the most proficient students. They are put on too much pressure by schools and parents to score high, so that excellent marks turn into the norm, and anything below that raises the eyebrow. Because of low self-esteem in their abilities and fear of failure, students need to be sure that their answers are right, and keep on cheating to prove that they will not fail and enrage their parents. Such behavior must be fought as a system, because it is a social problem that grades are valued more than mental health.

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Grades vs. Knowledge

Sometimes, we cheat because we believe that grades are valued more than the actual knowledge we receive while completing the tasks. Sadly, that turns out to be true for many institutions. In addition to that, we are not always interested in all the courses provided by the universities and these subjects can not only be a nuisance but also a burden to succeed in subjects we truly value. In order to save our nerves, our mental health, our physical health and our precious time we cheat, and in such case we make the voluntary choice that will turn out the smarter way in the end of the road.


Sharing our lives between work, college, relationships, family, sleep and food is a lot like slicing a tiny cake for a million guests. We never get enough time for everything. Most of the time we need to set our priorities and choose what to sacrifice in order to get enough time to do something else. In such cases, there is nothing wrong with choosing work over college, especially if this work brings us experience, a career and an income. If we are delayed by our boss who wants to show us how to complete a task more efficiently, it is only common to not have enough time to write an essay for a mildly unimportant subject.

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