Saving Up Money: How to Succeed

Counting Money

The famous phrase of Benjamin Franklin says "Beware of small and futile expenses, for a small leak can sink a great ship". Sooner or later, each student is facing a problem concerning the lack of money. Even if you have a scholarship, a part-time job and a financial help of parents. What if I want to fulfill the dream, but have no money for it? Save them. We'll share the secrets how to do it. Using them, the saving process does not seem so painful. Let's start.

Be Careful in Organizing

Write down all the costs. Get a special notebook for this or use your phone. Do records thoroughly and accurately, not like "do not know where I left $50 more." Some days, you will be surprised how much money has been spent in vain. Also, put trifle in the treasury. Often in stores we are given the trifle for the rest. So we widen the pockets and then forget about them. Therefore, gain that useful habit - coming home after shopping, pour out all the pennies in the piggy bank. You'll see - soon there will be a significant amount. More often pay cash as well. Often we use credit cards, which certainly is very convenient. However, the problem is that this piece of plastic is psychologically considered in another way than money is. So, we can spend a significantly greater amount than we would spend having cash. Therefore, do lists. "What to buy? What am I running out?" Prepare a paper or write it in the notes on your gadget.

Practical Tips

Don't buy food when you're hungry. Be sure to eat before going to the shop or just a shopping walk. After all, when you're hungry, you can buy much more and, as a result, money is thrown to the wind. Also, do not take and do not give debts. Learn to live only on the amount you earn. Plan costs. If you want to buy something big, then wait and save money. When someone asks for a debt, learn to say "No", because it is a blow to your plan. Give up bad habits. We are talking not only about smoking and alcohol consumption, but even about the excessive consumption of sweets. Apples are cheaper than a chocolate bar, and there is much more use of them. It is not only a benefit for the body, but also for the wallet.

Finding Analogs


Buying less promoted brands instead of well-known ones can significantly save up your money. Take the time to study the composition of an expensive yogurt, body milk or drug and compare it with the cheaper analog. Pay attention to local producers, because travel expenses, marketing, and advertising is much smaller, so the local products are cheaper. Mostly go to the market - whenever it is the season, fresh products in the market are fresher and, in the evening, even cheaper. However, in any carefully thought out financial plan and budgets, there are exceptions - holidays, birthdays of relatives and friends. Do not turn into a miser to just not go beyond your budget. Our loved ones are more important than money, aren't they?

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