Modern Social Issues: Keynote Notions

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Social problems have always been one of the main key conversation topic, which appeared in the modern world. There are many problems in our society, but most of them remained still unresolved and some only aggravate the situation. Moreover, there is no consensus about what social issues are most pressing today, requiring urgent solutions, and which can wait without being especially dangerous.

Let’s consider some social issues to make sense of the problem.

Environmental Pollution

The world environmental situation deteriorates every day and each of us takes part in it. One of the consequences of human activities on the Earth is the air, soil and water pollution that provokes climate change. In addition, the most dangerous are the nuclear wastes, but this problem is still unsolved. Today, the deforestation exceeds the reforestation by 10 times.

Drinking Water

Water is the most important resource for sustaining life on Earth, but its uneven distribution across the continent has become a cause of crises and social catastrophes.

Explosive population growth leads to the growing scarcity of water resources. The water consumption for the last half century has tripled. Besides, every sixth person on the planet has already a shortage of drinking water. Almost 80% of sickness triggered by drinking contaminated water.


Red Ribbon

The problem of Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome stays unsolved for more than 30 years. Every day approximately 15,000 people take an infection HIV all over the world. More than 67% of the populations in South Africa are the persons living with HIV. Nevertheless, the highest numbers of HIV-infected people are also located in India, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mozambique. That's why the medicine problem of HIV/AIDS disease is one of the modern social issues.


Poverty, unemployment and homeless people are the worldwide issues of the humankind. The fight against poverty is the volition to take care about people, offer them a possibility to survive and to supply their basic needs. Actually, the increase of the population also worsens the picture. Meanwhile, there are great number of citizens all over the globe, which can be classified as the class of the unemployed.

It is important to point out that mankind is aware of these social woes, but the real issues had not changed. However, there will not be progress without any effort. We must remember that social problems require collective force to overcome them.

Demographic Explosion

The population explosion and uncontrolled increment of the birth rate remain still unsolved points. In Asia, Africa and Latin America about 70% of the world population is located and the mean annual populace growth rate is on the rise all the time. Today, Somalia, Mali, Chad, Zimbabwe are characterized by high fertility and high mortality rates and low life expectancy by reason of the low standards of living of the citizens and the insufficient progress of medicine.

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