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The image which related with straight edge subculture in people’s minds is punk with an Iroquois and tattoos among the whole body. However, most of the average citizens aren’t aware of the ideology and main statements of this counterculture. In this essay, the major point about straight edge is shown. It may be useful for research work on subcultures or writing a report on such theme.

No Drugs

Maybe, the most significant thing in subculture’s ideology is avoiding various kinds of drugs including tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and so on. Members of this community claim that human’s body shouldn’t be polluted with harmful substances. They say life is not for dedicating it to drugs usage. It is more important to stay free of any addiction. The sign of this community is a black cross on the hand; the history of its creation is related to idea to ban teen drinking during punk rock performances.


Some members of straight edge group try to gain new disciples, and they make propaganda of clean life among the youth. They try to persuade them that drugs leave one without self-control and independence. Straight Edgers usually wear a specific t-shirt with healthy life slogans, make tattoos on this theme and so on.

Straight Edger

Veganism and Vegetarianism

Many Straight Edgers follow vegetarianism as a part of the clean lifestyle, and they compare meat to such substances as tobacco or alcohol. However, it is not necessary to point to become a part of subculture as for some people avoiding meaty products can lead to serious health problems.

No Discrimination

Straight Edge movement is also famous for its position against prejudgments and discrimination on gender, racial or age basis. Subculture ideology means that all people are equal, and attitude to them has to be similar. Moreover, it is said that no one has a right to tell one what to do, which groups to join and so on. Freedom is a great value for Straight Edgers.

No Stereotypes

Straight Edge world outlook cancels all stereotyped judgements. They say appearance may be unfair, however, it is better to pay attention to what is inside. It can be claimed that this subculture puts itself contrary to the average world order. According to Straight Edge, typical values are false and needless at all. Attention is paid to the rottenness and deformity of today’s morality and ways it can be healed.

All in all, Straight Edge subculture plays a great role in society life, and this is not a bad one. Participants of this community persuade the young ones to refuse from alcohol, cigarettes or taking drugs, that leads to the healthier nation in general. It should be mentioned that this counterculture destroys all stereotypes about punks, who spend life being addicted and having a riotous existence. Straight Edge counterculture can be characterized as propaganda of clean living with no bacchanal relationships and the constant fight against the system.

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