Volunteering Work: Pros and Cons for Students

Volunteering means doing something willingly without any payment in favor of a certain idea or charity. Despite money means a lot for us, there is a tendency nowadays to go into volunteering. In general, the idea of volunteer work is very generous and helped to save a number of lives. However, sometimes the person may not be contented enough with doing the volunteer work. Here are the reasons for participating in volunteering or prefer a paid job for it.

Advantages of the volunteering work:

Helping people

  • Spiritual benefits. Despite you will not get paid for this work you are able to get more precious values that cannot be bought for money. The work that brings you financial benefits will not always let your feel useful for the other people, who need help, but volunteering will.

  • Active position. By participating in volunteer organization you are able to show that you are not indifferent to the problems around us. Accepting the idea of improving the surrounding world and helping others is useful for demonstrating your active position.

  • Volunteering improves your health. When people are taking part in volunteering they are having more active lifestyle than without doing any extra work. This helps to keep fit and be stronger.

    Health, keeping fit

  • Scholarship and grants benefits. If you plan to apply for a scholarship volunteer work will be, definitely, a great advantage. Some colleges or programs add extra points if the applicant is involved in the charity organizations.

  • Meeting new people. Participation in the volunteer movements will, surely, help you to know a lot of wonderful people committed to doing good things. Not only students but a lot of really authoritative people are taking part in it. So you may meet your future employer or just a person that may be helpful in future.

Disadvantages of the volunteering work.

  • Emotional side of volunteering. Often, volunteering is about helping disabled, homeless or just people that are not happy. The task of yours is to stay calm and strong but it might be not easy to be patient when seeing people suffering. You may often get involved from the emotional side and might bring the feeling of anxiety to your common life.

  • Volunteering is time-consuming. Volunteering takes much of your time, it is not what you can do just for an hour per week or so. Usually, it involves preparations, connecting with other people, posting the information in the social networks in order to get other people engaged into the movement. So, in case you are really busy with your studies or work you will not be able to find enough time to do it properly.

  • Lack of organization. Although there are plenty of people that are willing to help others sometimes they are just not able to do it as the charity organizations, to a certain extent, are not popular enough and are rarely advertised anywhere. Even when a student wants to take part in it they might have issues with finding the right place for it.

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