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Foreign Language Studying

When gaining a new skill, it is important to get additional motivation. This fills learning with sense, allows keeping the list of advantages that will become real after studying a skill, in your head. Taking into account the fact, that it takes a lot of time to gain a skill, a person needs to overcome moments of apathy. When talking about studying foreign languages, there are advantages additional to knowing this or that language. Let’s take a look onto the most pleasant ones: you can rely on them in tough times.

It is difficult to learn any foreign language, and it is even more difficult to think the same thought continuously: “It will be great one day when I’ll learn this language and will be able to speak it”. In addition to this thought being a mistake itself (“one day” won’t come), human starts thinking destructive thoughts as well. Essay writers from want to try getting you free of such thoughts through replacing them with ones that help you find additional motivation and the will to continue studying.

So, learning foreign languages:

1. Increases your Speed of Learning Other Skills

When studying foreign language, you gain a serious boost for your cognitive abilities. For instance, you will train your memory when remembering new words. Additionally, you’ll be able to know common things for languages and to understand different tongues without studying them specially.

2. Increases Your Skill in Mathematics

In the year 2007, Massachusetts University provided a research and made a conclusion: children who learn second language, power-up their mathematical skills even if they sacrifice their math time for language lessons. If to just think about that, the result is obvious: learning foreign languages involves structural and logical processes of human brain, which are the same for mathematics. This means, you need to study math at any case, but if you study other languages, it will be easier for your brain to understand it.

3. Makes You a Better Listener

This is a wonderful skill a person might need always and everywhere. If to think a bit, you’ll see the advantage of being able to listen to a person without interrupting them at any case.  While studying any new language, you literally do not have other way than listening to your teacher attentively, and trying to understand the accent and sense of their phrases. Additionally, you just won’t be able to interrupt the speaker because of your inability to use new language. This allows developing your empathy as well.

4. Strengthens Your Attention

It is practically impossible to study new language and to get distracted on purpose at the same time. In order to understand new rules, and not only to remember them, to understand this or that sentence, you need to stay concentrated (just like when obtaining any new skill). You will understand that even the slightest distraction can destroy all the achievements you gained in recent minutes of your lesson. This will automatically show you why your smartphone and other distractors are bad. 

5. Increases Your Confidence

When a person sets up a goal and reaches it, this achievement causes the boost of self-confidence for sure. This is how humans work. You probably read tips from some productive people. There was an advice, saying next: if you can’t do what you want, do something you can – wash the dishes, clean the table, throw trash away. Such little successes launch a chain of achievements in your head and increase your confidence.

When you see that you are able to provide a dialogue using the new language during 30 seconds, your perception becomes a lot stronger. It is important for you to mark your small successes by yourself. If you won’t be able to celebrate small victories, your mind won’t be rewarded. Quick tiredness will be the result in this case.

6. Prevents Potential Brain Illnesses

People are used to think that sports is what prevents lots of physical problems. Studying a new language can delay the appearance of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease for 4,5 years, which is much more than any modern medicine can give.

The point is, there are more neural connections in brains of people who know many languages. This does not allow brain to cyclically repeat thinking same thoughts and templates (this is often the reason of schizophrenia). 

7. Improves Your Native Tongue

Learning the second language allows to look onto your native one differently, and to notice things you never thoughts about before. Intuitive understanding of a language is wonderful, but this way won’t lead you to the top. Any linguist or writer can say, that there are various understanding levels for one’s native tongue, and one fictional text can be perceived differently if to take into account the level of a reader.

8. Increases Your Creativeness


Creative Language Learning

Learning a language is like assembling puzzle pieces together. You can know the meaning of 50% words in a sentence, and guess the meaning of the other half accounting the overall context. Moreover, when you talk to a native speaker, your mind crazily tries to avoid getting into a silly situation, thinks out constructions and changes them, looks for synonyms of words you forget, etc. This all helps you to become creative. When a person is pinned to the wall, wonderful things start happening.

9. Increases Your Cultural Awareness

The point is, the native speaker of the language you study is the living avatar of their country’s culture. You can watch hundreds of films with dialogues in that language, but they still tell you less about the country’s culture than one simple conversation with that country’s citizen. This makes your personality more diverse, and helps to avoid lots of conflicts, because you start discovering new culture, other psychology, and you take all the best from it.

10. Opens New Career Possibilities

Humanity came to a globalization, and then Internet appeared. According to various statistical data, you can get 10 to 15 percent higher salary if you know two languages. If you use this knowledge correctly, it can totally change your life.

If you want to start a business, it is important to keep all the doors open: any of them can lead to huge possibilities. There is nothing worse than getting a job offer that allows you to earn several times more money if you know the language you never studied.

11. Opens New Ways in Travelling

Language Travelling

It won’t be a simple journey if to travel through the country and to know its language. It is the amazing feeling: no awkwardness of being in a foreign country. Yes, you don’t look like a typical citizen, but people around you will interact with you pleasantly if they know that you have visited the country for the first time, and you have a good accent. People can’t treat persons with funny accent adequately, and there is nothing you can do about that.

12. Makes Your Relations Deeper

If you were lucky to find your sweetheart in a country which’s language you learn, it is very important to make a good impression onto his or her parents. Parents always value the correct accent and speech of their child’s boyfriend or girlfriend, especially during the first meeting when official part matters a lot.

Remind yourself about these advantages next time you’ll get thoughts about pointlessness of further language studying. It is very important to remember why you do what you do, and not to express it all with one phrase. 

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