The Problem of Swearing Among Teenagers

Swearing Teenagers

This problem is quite popular among school and college students and their parents. It’s hard to see your previously polite and well-behaved son or daughter swearing in everyday life.

Parents’ Responsibility

Parents usually pay attention to that issue immediately and try to do something with it, like punish their child or sit and talk with them about consequences of such behavior, but does that always help? Well, trying to help your child is better than literally doing nothing with the problem. A great responsibility falls on parents’ hands here, but they are not the only ones to blame.

Teacher’s Responsibility

Teachers play a great role in student’s education and it is their direct responsibility to react somehow when noticing improper behavior. If there is a high level of trust between the teacher and the student it might be easier to talk the problem through. The main aim of both teachers and parents here is to explain why such behavior can be harmful to students and that they should be great examples for the younger ones. As well, you can explain that cursing is for those who can’t invent anything interesting to say.

Main Reason for Swearing

Parents might mistakenly think that swearing is a way to express nonconformity, but it’s not quite the truth. Teenagers understand that society expects them to be overly obediant and that is why they are rude sometimes, which is the main reason for such non-acceptable behavior. Parents should also understand that teenagers follow their peers in all possible ways, so swearing is a one of the natural problems that can happen in children’s life, especially if they are a very sociable person.

Mass Media

Another reason for swearing is absence of censorship on TV, radio, Internet, magazines etc. It’s really hard to believe that swearing is bad when everyone who surrounds you is using it. It’s like when the parents teach their kid not to swear but in day-to-day life they would use inappropriate words without even thinking. Looking on the problem from this perspective, we should surround ourselves with polite and well-educated people, as well as parents should try to show a good example for their children. As an English proverb says: «Do not teach your children, they will still be like you. Nurture yourself». Do you agree with that? Children usually repeat their parents’ behavior, so first of all we should do our best to become better by ourselves and let our kids be proud of us. This way they will follow the best good steps.

Poor Vocabulary

Another big problem is that spelling a word is becoming harder than writing it with a mistake and let people guess the hidden meaning. The reason for that is a usage of Internet and different chat rooms, where we usually use the simplest vocabulary to express our thoughts and it doesn’t help us to rich it up in any way. This is a real evidence of the degradation of our communication skills. The best solution would be to spend less time in online chats and more with friends outside. Another solution to a problem of swearing would be to change bad words into polite or neutral phrases, or think of a punishment for using a bad word as an emotional linking expression.

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