Composing An Essay On The Technological Progress


Writing an essay is a challenge, especially when the subject is not something you are personally aware of, but an abstract notion that is hard to conceive and give an upfront opinion about. One of such notions can be the technological progress taking over the world. As gadgets become an inseparable part of our daily lives, we are faced to confront the consequences of the technological boom. How to compose a decent essay about our thoughts on the matter?

With Your Eyes

Any phenomenon can be positive or negative, depending on the perspective. Especially this regards controversial issues such as technological progress, social relationships, questions about humanity. Do you believe the technological progress brings harmful effects to the world or is it a positive factor that helps in world development? Consider the facts at your possession and assess the situation using your own vision. Remember to stay neutral and bring factual evidence to your points.

Examples From Literature

A great way to prove your point is to provide fresh examples from literature that can illustrate the problem in a creative and understandable way. Science fiction is a gold mine of facts about the possible outcomes of humanity, and technology has always been a hot topic to write about when fantasizing about a possible future. What lessons can be learned about technology through such books as “I Robot” or “1984”? You can use the idea of the ever-present robot companion from science fiction to prove the point of dependence humans have developed to the gadget in the real world.

Another Perspective

Make sure to illuminate the aspects of the matter that often remain in the dark. As the technological progress is often considered evil, think about good effects it can have in such fields of activity as health, arts, socialization. Just a mere thirty years ago it was unthinkable that two people from different sides of the globe could communicate instantaneously through the internet, get to know each other or even fall in love. No one could imagine how brilliant and effective the technologies in film industries or art compositions could become. The giant steps in creating medicine, prosthetic limbs, medial equipment are also forgotten when talking about the technological progress.

Prosthetic Limb

“Zebra” Effect

If you are tired of acting as a judge, you may consider the “zebra effect” to write your essay. As you may have noticed while thinking up ideas for your essay, such controversial topics as the technological progress are interesting to write about exactly because they are complex. Even though there are black and white stripes on a zebra, just like there are positive and negative effects of the phenomenon that needs to be described, you should not resort simply by characterizing the zebra as a black horse with white stripes, or a white one with black. Instead, focus on explaining how this animal continues to exist, how it came to be, what can be expected from it in the future and so on.

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