Technology in the Classroom Essay

Child Use Computer

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine modern person’s life without a technology. It is everywhere in shops, cafes, workplaces and even at schools. However, usage of devices while studying is still an ambiguous issue. The community was divided into two groups; one claims it is harmful to memorizing information and learning skills, others say it makes schooling more effective and enjoyable for kids. Here are some statements for technologies in the classroom.

Getting Information

With modern technology, the student can get needed information in one mouse click; it is the quickest and easiest way. There is a great number of search systems and free encyclopedias. Thanks to a large number of sources, children can compare information, analyze it and make their own conclusions.

Learn with Fun

Technologies may make schooling not as boring as it seems to be for most pupils. It is always much more interesting and effective when the lesson is held in an interactive way. The number of video games is able to improve studying process. Kids can memorize material in an associative or visualizing way as well.


If kids meet with various technologies at an early age, it is much easier to deal with it. In most schools, there are special lessons where students learn how to use a computer, different programs, the Internet and so on. It gives them useful skills for the whole life, as in modern world every profession demands at least minimal technology skills.

Interactive Lesson

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages of technology in the classroom.

Becoming Lazy

There is no need to go to the library or archive if one can get any sort of information for five seconds. However, the Internet sources usually contain mistakes or double-meaning that badly affects kids’ education. Sometimes, young one becomes so lazy that he only opens one website and downloads everything without any efforts. In this way, he or she cannot memorize anything, and there is no use in such schooling.


It is a well-known fact that computers and smartphones catch children’s attention more than teacher’s words. So it becomes complicated to concentrate and focus on the subject. Many students use their gadgets not for studying but for fun. They play games or chat during the lessons, and it affects their marks.


The opinion that modern technology spoils young ones exists. It is hard to answer if it is truth or not, but it is considered to be a fact that children today are more effete than they used to be ten years ago. With the wide spreading of devices, the understanding that anything can be done with no efforts arises. Many students use phones for cheating during test as they don’t want to spend time even to make cribs.

All in all, it is still an art of discussion if technology has to be widely used at schools. Maybe, the solution is that it can be applied but moderately. Kids should be punished for using gadgets for their needs or fun during the lessons. Thereby, technology will bring only benefits, and all harmful effects will be canceled.

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