A Paper Writing Algorithm

When you are going to do something new, you surely need a plan of your actions. And it is not always that easy to make this very plan. That is why we suggest you kind of a scheme of research paper writing that will make your creative process easier and more productive. This algorithm consists of several stages.

  1. Determine the topic you are going to write about

    The first step is to determine on what topic your future paper will be written. Sometimes, you cannot choose the theme you want as you have already been given it by your teacher or professor. It seems like this would make things easier for you. However, if the choice of a topic depends on your own preferences, it could be even better. It means that you are free to make the topic closer to the field of your interests, connect it with a sphere you like. If you have decided what the theme of your research paper is, let’s move to the second stage.

  2. Appoint the main idea

    There is always something you want to tell the world. Any topic can be considered from numerous points of view. So many men, so many minds. You have to think it over and make up your own mind. Form your own opinion about that very topic you have already determined. Then, define some minor ideas. It would be okay to write them down briefly, if you need this. After this, come to the next stage.

    Choosing an idea

  3. Make an argumentation basis

    Any thought needs to be proved. That is why you are obliged to give several arguments for your own ideas. Think about it and find out what information can be used to convince other people that your reflections are worth reading. Start with making some short tips of your main arguments. It is a kind of preparatory work in order to make things clear for yourself. After doing this try to extend your argumentation to cover at length the topic. It is advisable to give both pros and cons and then take the gage of them in order to get to the penultimate stage.

  4. Draw conclusion

    Having evaluated all the pros and cons, you must be ready to deduce an inference of everything that was said on a particular topic. Though, remember that conclusion is usually based not only on bare facts but also on subjective beliefs of the author. In this tandem the truth is born.

  5. Write it down keeping the structural rules

    Now that you have your paper in your mind and your draft, you can start writing it down. Nevertheless, you need to do one more thing. It would be also useful to google the rules of structural formatting of a paper. It is known that every type of research papers has its own peculiarities that you are to bear in mind during your creative process.

That is all. We hope this algorithm will be useful for you and make a complicated paper writing process much easier.

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