Terms and Conditions

There is a range of terms requiring clarification for a proper website usage.

The notions "Company", "We" and "Our" are used referring to Papercheap.co.uk company.

The words "Customer", "You" and "Your" are usually indicated concerning the person who is making purchases from Papercheap.co.uk and is considered to know our policies and terms and conditions. Having placed an order with our company the person confirms that he or she is aware and is respecting our policies being responsible solely for the choices made.

"Website" is a terms meaning Papercheap.co.uk.

"Product" is used regarding the academic paper, research paper, coursework, all types of essays, dissertations etc., which are completed basing on the instructions of the customer purchased by him/her. All the products completed by Papercheap.co.uk are delivered to the customer's personal page or can be sent to his or her email address.

The term "Order" is used concerning the entire information indicated in the order form. This information is considered as basic and full requirements for a desired product. We obligate our customers to provide and check their order details so they are correct, clear and understandable. The only way to place the order is filling in all the required fields of the order form and making the payment. No orders can be placed through the chat, email or telephone.

The services that we provide

There is a range of services delivered by our company; among them are writing from scratch, editing, rewriting, proofreading and business writing. The type of service is selected by the customer on the first step of the order form filling in.

The customer is the only one, who takes responsibility for familiarizing with the policies of Papercheap.co.uk, in particular, Privacy, Money Back, Revision Policies and Terms and Conditions. All the specifications are explained in the mentioned rules and the payment should be completed only after the customer checks and accepts them.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

Here you can find all the terms and conditions that the customer will come across in the process of our website usage. Here is the full Agreement between the Company (Papercheap.co.uk) and the Customer. Hereby the customer confirms that he/she is familiar to all the terms, conditions, rules and policies of Papercheap.co.uk.

Changing, Removing and Editing the Agreement

Papercheap.co.uk saves the right of making changes to the terms and conditions if new requirements are implied. Posting of new conditions and rules is doable at any time. If you decide to use the website of our company you will be obliged to keep updated and be aware of the changes made by following the notifications from us.

License and Site Access

The limited license is given to our customers for the purposes of personal purchases and website access. No changes and modifications are permitted to be made without the written consent from Papercheap.co.uk. It is not possible to copy, sell, resell or reproduce and part or content of the website. Any other profitable or commercial uses of it are prohibited as well. If you need to perform the mentioned actions you have to ask the company's director to provide you with the consent in written form.

Any information of your account cannot be downloaded or copied for the customer's individual benefit.

Information Exactness, Promptness and Integrity

Papercheap.co.uk is not in charge for timely update of our website's information. The information, which you can read at our website, is given for the general purpose, exceptionally. The website materials are utilized by the client at his or her personal risk. In general, here you may find some info, which is not current or historical, thus, it can be applied for the purposes of reference solely. The company has a right of information updating at any time, which is suitable for the company. All the changes made have to be by the customer only.

Description and Pricing of Our Products

A section with pricing is presented at our site where you can get familiarized with all the prices for our services and desired products. There you can find the retail prices, which are the cost per 1 page depending on the type of service. We present our prices as fixed and non-changeable. Nevertheless, we are glad to provide the customer with the price that is the most suitable and this is why we have created or discount policy, that is implied in certain cases. Some products have different cost than those, which is explicated in the price list. If the misprice happens we contact our customers immediately for order cancellation or letting him/her know about the required additional charge.

Items and content description is not guaranteed to be exact, full or error free. In case the purchased item does not correspond to its description the customer has to ask the writer to revise the product. Please, get familiarized with our revision rules, that are presented in the separate discretion.

Links and Framings

The customer is not permitted to use any graphic information of Papercheap.co.uk including content and logo presented. Only having the allowance from the company's director can you use the trademarks and images. Our policy is prohibiting any uses of the private info of Papercheap.co.uk.

Papercheap.co.uk is not responsible for direct or indirect third parties' actions, as well as the external website's quality, nature or content, which can be accessed via hyper link from this site, also, the sites, which contains the link to Papercheap.co.uk. Hereby the customer accepts the condition that the company is not responsible for the other parties' resources, links and sources, as well as we are not in charge for the content and its updating. The external websites are visited by the customer on his/her personal risk.


The customer accepts the terms explained below when he or she makes an order with Papercheap.co.uk.

  1. We cite and reference all the sources, which have been used for the paper completion, properly.

  2. The paper formats, which we present our papers in, are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago (Turabian).

  3. The company is considered an owner of all the papers completed by our freelance writers.

  4. The services, which the customer pays for, are performing, researching, gathering, editing, proofreading and materials delivery.

  5. No reproduction, duplication, publishing, or derivation can be performed by the customer, as well as the content of Papercheap.co.uk is not allowed to be copied.

  6. After the customer stops using the received product for research or reference he or she has to destroy or delete it. We do not allow customers to use the works for the personal wants, distribute or copy them.


This website is used by the customer on his/her own risk. The basis of the website is "as available" and "as is". Papercheap.co.uk is able to limit the customer's access to the website if there are any valid reasons available. Papercheap.co.uk exposes for warranties of any kind being express or implied, including the warranties, which are not limited, and any assurances that content on this website are noninfringing, as well as the assurances, which are used from the course of performance or dealing course. The website access is disclaimed as free of errors and uninterrupted, secure and virus-free, also the presented data and content is current and valid. The materials downloading happens the own risk of the customer. The customer is the only person, who takes responsibility for the damage made to the computer data or system resulting from the website's downloads. The usage of our materials is safe but lest the damage is caused the customer is the one who is in charge for it.

Rights of Corporate Intellectual Property

The customer is acknowledged in this agreement that his/her rights, interests and titles, also, the not limited rights, which are under the Intellectual Property Rights are under belongings of this website and the customer is not able to buy any title, interest or right to Papercheap.co.uk with the exception of those that are indicated on this page. The customer accepts that he/she is not able to modify the content of the website, also, will not perform any actions regarding the website's software or documentation. Same service creation is prohibited by our company, as well.


Once you make an online purchase from the website of ours you accept not exposing any information received from our representatives and customers. The information which you receive is the website's property.

We assure that the information of the customer will remain absolutely confidential and will never be revealed to the third parties.

Rights Non-Assignment

The customer has rights, which are unique regarding the personal account, which is why they cannot be allocated to the other party. However, the company is able to allocate this agreement to any person without notification.


The current Agreement comes into force once the customer is entering Papercheap.co.uk website, places the order and reviews the presented content or material for the personal wants.

Resignation by any of the parties of any facility’s breach is not being counted an resignation of any following or previous breach of the mentioned one or any other facility.

Terms Severability

Lest any facility of the mentioned Terms and Conditions, is deemed as not valid or unenforceable because of a judicial decision, such facility is supposed for the purpose of applying solely with the greatest level, which the law allows. The remainder of the Terms and Conditions of Papercheap.co.uk should remain true attainable in accordance to the meaning.

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