Privacy Policy

The information, which we will possibly require

Customer’s name, phone number, and email address is an information, which he or she will be asked to provide during order placement. However, the customer has a full right to use our service without indicating any private details and stay anonymous.

The means of using the customer’s personal information

Here are the ways how the personal information of the customer assists us in service advancing:

  • We are able to create the personal account of the customer only having his or her personal details. When you have a personalize account with we are able to know your preferences and meet requirements of the customer better.

  • Our website is created for serving people who are willing to get academic assistance. To make our communication more effective we need to get the customers’ feedbacks and take the needed actions.

  • Transactions are only possible to complete having certain personal information of the customer. We guarantee that the client’s private information is used for the purposes of order delivery and is not exchanged, shared, sold without the customer’s agreement with any third parties.

  • Our service is basing on the communication with the customer. Thus, we need to have the personal details to have a valuable opportunity to contact the client in different urgent situations (when the files are missing or the writer needs a clarification).

Security of the private information

The information, which you provide us with, will remain absolutely secure with

We are using the server for keeping the private info that has been specially designed for security purposes. All the information be it credit, general or private is run through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) only. After that the data is accessed exceptionally authorized personnel that keeps absolute confidentiality and coded by the providers of Payment gateway.

No information (billing, private, personal or general) is saved to the servers of

Cookies: why do we use it?

Cookies are helpful for understanding the needs of the customer better as these are files received by the client’s computer after getting the agreement of the customer from a service provide. The hard drive accepts and saves the Cookies files and thus, we have an opportunity to understand which browser the customer uses and some other information.

Please, note that we apply Cookies only after getting customer’s agreement and exceptionally for learning the desires and needs of him/her better.

Information revealing to the third parties

Complete safety and information security at is guaranteed to the customer. Also, ensures that no information is revealed to the third parties and only authorized coworkers are allowed to access the personal data of the clients.

Law correspondence, rights protection and policy enforcement are the only possible reasons for sharing the information.

Non-personal information about our company’s customers can be disclosed for the aims as promotion, sociology analysis, research, advertising, surveys and so on.

COPPA acquiescence

Our company has agreed to obey the Act of Children Online Privacy Protection, that compels not obtaining any data or serve individuals, which are younger than 13 years. Therefore, we confirm that no service is provided and no information is collected from people that are under 13 years and only those ones who have reached 13 years are able to become the customers of our company.

Online Privacy Policy is in charge for those information that has been obtained through online ways. If data has been received via offline we are not responsible for it.

Terms and Conditions of

To know your and our company’s rights, rejections and liabilities we require our customers to check our terms and conditions place in the special section of website.

Privacy Policy Agreement

The agreement to our policies is received automatically with customer’s service usage.

Privacy Policy Updates

The previous change of the Privacy Policy was at 23rd of June 2013.

In case there are new updates you will be able to read them at this page of our website.

Our Contacts

We will be glad to consult you regarding any questions that may arise 24/7. You are welcome to contact us via phone, email or live chat at at any time and get advice to all the issues.

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