Privacy Policy

We take our customers’ safety very seriously. Therefore, we comply with the latest international data protection regulations and keep our customers updated about them. Please take a look at the data protection policies we have adopted on our website.

Every client may obtain information regarding the recipient of their personal information, the type of personal information being collected, the purpose of this activity, the methods employed in the process, as well as the data storage procedures.

The client may have their personal data deleted from our website by sending an e-mail to our customer support representatives. They will forward you request to the manager who will carefully consider it. In most cases, the data will be successfully deleted from the servers. In case the manager encounters problems with carrying out your request, our customer support representatives will contact you about it. They will find a solution that satisfies both parties.

What Personal Information Do We Store?

Please consider the clients’ data we store on our website: names, phone numbers, e-mails, IP address, time zone, country. This data will remain on our company’s servers until the client makes a request for it to be deleted or until our cooperation is terminated.

Where Do We Keep Our Clients’ Data?

We keep our clients’ data on the company’s servers which are located in the US. As stated by the European Commission, the US is a country commonly recognized as safe for data storage. Thanks to the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, the safe transfer of the personal information between the EU and the US is guaranteed.

How Do We Receive Customers’ Data?

To use our services, the clients fill in the order form. This is where they indicate their personal information along with the paper instructions. Once the order is placed, the client’s account is created automatically. It contains their contact data which we then use for communication. We do not obtain the clients’ information via cold calling or spam e-mails.

Why Do We Need Clients’ Data?

We need customers’ personal data so that we can cooperate quickly and efficiently. Even though we always strive to provide a smooth experience, the unexpected challenges may still arise. In such cases, it will help if we have your contact information readily available.

We also need clients’ data so that we can further improve our services along with the user experience. The more we know about our clients’ preferences, the easier it is for us to tailor our website to them.

What About the Use of Cookies?

Cookies serve to obtain information about our clients’ online behavior. Please get familiar with the regulations we adhere to in regards to cookies.

How can we define a cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file created by a website based on the user’s interactions. It includes information about the user’s activities, preferences, and choices made during a particular session. Cookies are kept both on the website’s server and the user’s computer.

Cookies do not contain any personal data and serve only to improve the clients’ experience.

What cookies do we employ?

We use authorization cookies and the cookies from Google Analytics.

Here are the two types of authorization cookies we utilize:

  • .ASPXAUTH is used to authenticate the customer.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId is used to determine the customer’s session.

Google Analytics cookies are employed for auditing, research, and statistics purposes. Thanks to these cookies, we are able to conduct the analysis of the user behavior and improve our services accordingly. The information obtained from the cookies is stored by Google on its US servers. Please note that we cannot be held liable for the safety of that information.

Why do we create cookies?

We create cookies to make our website easier to use, especially for the newcomers. Cookies help us understand each client on a deeper level and provide a truly customized experience for them. They help us guide, engage, and adjust our services to each and every customer.

What benefits do cookies bring?

Cookies bring a variety of benefits for the client. For instance, the clients do not need to log in every time they access the website, as the cookies will identify them from the previous session. Moreover, the clients will have a better experience using the website, as it will adjust its functionality based on their unique behavior.

What if the client disallows cookies?

The customer may disallow cookies for a particular website via the browser. However, we encourage our clients not to block cookies for, as it may be detrimental to their overall experience.

Cookies make the website convenient to use and facilitate communication between the client and customer support representatives. Disabling cookies may negatively impact both the website’s performance and our cooperation.

Do We Share Data with Third Parties?

We do not share the clients’ data with the third parties, unless the clients breached the company’s policies and the situation compels us to refer to the relevant authorities.

Age Regulations

Only the visitors who are at least 16 years old can use our services. The clients below this threshold must obtain parental consent for this purpose.

Advertising Regulations

We may send e-mails advertising our services to the potential and existing clients. If the client does not want to receive e-mails from us, they must refer this request to our customer support representatives.

For Clients from the UK

As of July 2018, the clients from the UK have their data protected both under the GDPR and the DPA (Data Protection Act).

Conclusive Statement

To agree to our policies, each client must click on a particular checkbox. If the client does not content to our policies, we recommend them to abstain from using our services.

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