Sentences with More Than One Clause

Student Writing Dictation

I used to think that my natural speech flow is correct in any case. Moreover, I am sure that a half of the Earth population shares my view regarding this issue. However, our self-assurance causes the main problems connected with a sentence construction. In that regard, we propose you to set aside some time to find out new rules regarding sentence structure and brush up your memories when it comes to different types of clauses.

Writing Poems Is Not a Natural Talent

Feather and Book

The soul is restless! Feelings require a way out! For creative people, this is a happy moment. True poets easily select the right words and rhymes to express their inner state. The lines are poured onto paper. People who are not tempted in versification succeed in it with big difficulties. The words do not come to mind, feelings are soon lost, and the result of labor sometimes seems ridiculous.

Problem of Repetition – Say It in Another Way

Picture with Word Repetition

In the college, regardless of your subject field, you can come across writing of different kinds of academical works such as the research papers, essays of various types, and dissertation as the most difficult types of academical papers. In that regard, some of the points assessed by a professor are grammar, the overall text flow, and how the materials are presented in the work in general.

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