British and Americans Styles of Writing: Who is Right with All These Commas and Quotation Marks?

American vs Britain Two Flags

In the English speaking world, there are two major variants of punctuation: American (followed also in Canada) and British (followed also in Australia and New Zealand). These two styles are considered as equal and both have the right to exist, however, there are still hot controversies which variant is more suitable or “logical.” That is why we want to show main differences and leave it at your discretion, dear reader, which style is more appropriate for you personally.

Top 20 Commonly Confused English Words: Distinctions in Meaning

Memes on Words Confusion

English language is swarming with similar words. They can sound or look equal but be dissimilar in their meaning. Other word pairs can look and sound not alike, but to be actually the same in meaning. The misuse of such words creates many uncomfortable moments in life, especially when you are an international student. The undermentioned list of words that represent the main challenge and can confuse will help you determine a proper orthography of such tricky words.

How Would You Like to Sound Like: British or American English?

British vs American English

You can perfectly know grammar and even punctuation, use appropriate tenses, or operate many sophisticated words that would definitely show the depth in you English knowledge, but all these can be easily shrunk to a nullity if you still did not come up with the variant of English you would like to speak. Most of us, especially those who are not native speakers, confuses American and British English word spelling. As a result, they can have a mixture of these two variants making their language sound funny and unnatural for people who have grown in America and Britain. Therefore, it is a high time to fill out this gap in your knowledge!

Avoiding Plagiarism

Shocked Student

Every university has its own list of requirements for students who write academic essays. One of the most obligatory and punishable, in case of failure to follow, is plagiarism free paper. It means that student is bound to deliver a work completely written by him/herself and with proper referencing to all used sources.

An Experiment for Procrastinators


Many people spend much time to find a personal motivation to achieve the ultimate goal. Here is an interesting experiment for procrastinators which will help achieve a goal within a week. You just need to evaluate how each method helps you maintain motivation. After eight weeks you will be able to identify what motivates you personally.

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