Learn English in 10 Minutes a Day. Exercise for Those Who Are Busy. Part 1


Time flies, rushes and runs away. How many words denote the transience of time! And, unfortunately, we cannot catch up with the rapidly ticking clock. What if you want to learn English, but your day is planned minutely and you cannot allocate extra half an hour? Today we decided to share with you useful exercises, thanks to which you can you can get a definite result even in a short time.

English-English Dictionary. Why Is It Needed?


Why do many teachers advise their students to use such things? Obviously, a monolingual dictionary is not suitable for everyone. If a person begins to learn English from scratch, then such a thing is useless. An explanatory dictionary is not suitable for students with levels Beginner and Elementary – using a monolingual dictionary in the initial stages will be difficult and inconvenient.

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