The Most Common Grammar Mistakes That Students Do in College

Common English grammar mistakes

English grammar is annoying in two cases. Firstly, if you always get it wrong and it makes you feel awfully awkward. Secondly, if somebody gets it wrong and you realize that a person who mixed up “it’s” and “its” will never get on a medal stand in your mind again. Strange as it sounds, grammar is capable of changing your impression of a person drastically as well as changing your grade.

How to Make a Resume for a High School Student with No Experience

How to make a resume for a high school student

High school is the time when lots of students write their first resumes ever. The graduation offers them freedom of adult life soon, but there’s not much time to celebrate it. Everyone’s busy attending classes, extracurricular and volunteering clubs, summer jobs, sports teams. In other words, gaining all the valuable experiences that would become substantial evidence for college counselors and hiring managers next year.  

Writing Tips from the Most Popular Authors


Whether it is an academic, novel or newspaper writing, it is still one of the most powerful tools to stretch your imagination and express the emotions, beliefs, opinions using different words. These writing tips will help you to hone your skills and grab people’s attention from the first line.

The Most Famous American Writers

Famous American writers

When you are cold in the room and huddle under the blanket, it is time to read Tolstoy. When you are stressed after a hard day at work, it is a perfect time to read «Dandelion Wine». When you are in a search of inspiration, it is time to read “Steal like an Artist”. When you do not know what to read, it is time to look for the answer in this article.

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