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PERT Test. Study Guide with Infographics


Greetings to the future college student from Florida reading this article at the moment! You are done with secondary school classes. And the upcoming period of your life seems to be very tough, doesn’t it? A “college student” sounds like something you should be proud of. Still, that anxiety inside your mind grows as the D-day approaches.

Report on Causes of Forest Fire: Important Issue to Bring Attention

Blaze in Forest

Wildfires are raging in the state of Oklahoma, the US, mostly in the northwest of the state. The forest burns because of severe drought, according to the report of local rescuers. If such weather lasts any longer, the flame will continue to spread not only across forests but also across steppe and farmers’ fields, causing uncontrolled combustion of vegetation and peat blaze.

Essay About Artificial Intelligence as an Assistant to Mankind

Humans vs Robots

Elon Musk once again called artificial intelligence the greatest threat posed to our civilization in the new documentary “Do You Trust This Computer?” by Chris Paine. Should we really be afraid of it? This will be the point to discuss in our essay, and you may use it for your own argumentative one as well. If you need to buy essay, and you are making up your mind about the topic for it, believe me, this one will perfectly work.

Anonymity on the Internet Essay


Researchers sometimes willy-nilly use the concepts of "Internet", "World Wide Web" and "network" as synonyms. This is not too true: the Internet is a system of connected computer networks, and the World Wide Web is a distributed system that allows access to documents on various computers connected to the Internet. In this case, synonymization leads to a mixture of contents of two different phenomena.

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