The Freedom Writers Film Review

Students of Different Nationalities

If you want a film that would cover thorny issues of racism and segregation, education, psychology, and human relationships, The Freedom Writers is the right thing! You’ll see it appears to be quite a versatile option. You can write a review of this movie for an English, Psychology, Sociology or Pedagogy class. And your paper will definitely stand out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Couple in Love

The article will tell and show how you can diversify the celebration of Valentine's Day, and everyone skeptical about the holiday will help look at this calendar date in a different way. Love is a Beautiful Thing! Love is worthy of decorating the calendar in red and renting a place in your heart. Give her a few minutes of attention!

The Essence of T. R. Malthus’s Theory: Analysis Essay


So, who was Thomas Robert Malthus? He was born in a landowner’s family as a nobleman in the third generation in 1766. The boy was educated at home. From ten-year age, his teacher was Richard Graves, a writer, and a local church priest. Then, Gilbert Wakefield was training Robert for the University; he described the boy as not a “typical nerd,” but an active and cheerful young man. He was a good cricket player, loved skating. The young man also liked boxing with friends (there were no boxing gloves back in that time).

How to Speak in an Intelligent Way


An idiomatic expression is a phrase with a quite special meaning. These phrases can be told by some famous personalities, written in the Bible or mentioned in myths. If you use such expressions in your speech, you show that you are intelligent, erudite and read much.

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