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8 Reasons Not to Study English Abroad

Moving Abroad

Many people think that it is possible to truly study English only abroad. In their opinion, it requires immersion in the tongue environment, communicating directly with native speakers, studying their culture and mentality. Is it possible to "plunge" into English without going abroad? You can, and we will tell you how.

Analytical Essay on Books to Read to Improve Your English. Part 2


At the Pre-Intermediate level, we recommend reading the adapted literature. Consider an important detail: some publishers simplify texts too much, so a text of your level may seem very easy. In this case, we recommend taking a more difficult book, opening it in the middle and trying to read. If you get stuck at 3-10 new words per page, feel free to read. You can try and read children's books, for example, by Roald Dahl. His story can be safely read even by an adult: the original humour of the author will not leave you cold.

Essay on the Use of Reading for the Study of English Grammar

Grammar Textbook

Reading books is useful! Nobody will argue with this truism. Today we want to tell you how to sharpen the knowledge of English grammar while reading. For this, we offer you a list of simple and effective exercises. You do not need to use them all, just select a few in your particular case. You will be able to determine the most useful ones experimentally. You should be interested in the method that will be optimal for you, because it is always curious to find out something new about yourself.

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