How to Write That You Are Angry and Avoid Being Too Straight

Angry Black Kitten

We can hardly imagine what a big job our brain does for us to feel anger and be able to distinguish it from, say, sorrow or happiness. Our brain tries even much harder to enable us to restrain this negative feeling, brace ourselves and refrain from throwing something heavy at the disturber of our peace. But surely, we never want them to get away with that easily.

Reading in a Foreign Language: Key Tips

Reading Student

Probably all language students have encountered this problem when they decide to read in a foreign language, but soon give up as it seems to time-consuming and exhaustive. Many beginners all over the world still think that just by reading their favorite book in a different language, they will be able to become fluent and proficient in it.

20 German Words that English Stole

German/English Flag

English is believed to contribute the most to the world vocabulary due to its multiple technological and social innovations. However, it is worth noting that German, being the language of intense philosophical thought and cultural abundance, has also supplied English with a great number of fascinating words and concepts.

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