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PERT Test. Study Guide with Infographics


Greetings to the future college student from Florida reading this article at the moment! You are done with secondary school classes. And the upcoming period of your life seems to be very tough, doesn’t it? A “college student” sounds like something you should be proud of. Still, that anxiety inside your mind grows as the D-day approaches.

Pronunciation via Skype. How to Improve It?


Do you want to get rid of your accent and speak so that foreigners understand you well? We think that many language learners pursue such a goal. Students often ask whether it is possible to do it in the classroom via Skype. We decided to tell in detail how to work via Skype to study how to speak correctly.

British and Americans Styles of Writing: Who is Right with All These Commas and Quotation Marks?

American vs Britain Two Flags

In the English speaking world, there are two major variants of punctuation: American (followed also in Canada) and British (followed also in Australia and New Zealand). These two styles are considered as equal and both have the right to exist, however, there are still hot controversies which variant is more suitable or “logical.” That is why we want to show main differences and leave it at your discretion, dear reader, which style is more appropriate for you personally.

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