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English-English Dictionary. Why Is It Needed?


Why do many teachers advise their students to use such things? Obviously, a monolingual dictionary is not suitable for everyone. If a person begins to learn English from scratch, then such a thing is useless. An explanatory dictionary is not suitable for students with levels Beginner and Elementary – using a monolingual dictionary in the initial stages will be difficult and inconvenient.

Pronunciation via Skype. How to Improve It?


Do you want to get rid of your accent and speak so that foreigners understand you well? We think that many language learners pursue such a goal. Students often ask whether it is possible to do it in the classroom via Skype. We decided to tell in detail how to work via Skype to study how to speak correctly.

Why Do You Not See Progress in Learning English?


"Why am I standing still?", "When will I already learn this English?" – sometimes students ask these questions to their teachers. As you can see, this problem is common, especially among impatient newcomers. On the Internet, you can find a lot of articles on how to quickly and easily learn English. Only these recommendations will not help you until you figure out the source of the problem. Eliminate the cause – fix the problem. Shall we try?

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