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Essay on Adapted Books for English Learners

Man Reading a Book

Does it make sense to start with such books or immediately set your hand to the original? There are a lot of opinions on the Internet, so we decided to give you a simple and clear answer based on thoughts of many teachers. They had the opportunity to consider a variety of different situations in which students turned to one option or another, and drew the appropriate conclusions on the basis of each specific case. Of course, you can immediately say that, in any case, the approach should be individual, but there are certain common nuances you can find out for yourself.

Learn English in 10 Minutes a Day. Exercise for Those Who Are Busy. Part 1


Time flies, rushes and runs away. How many words denote the transience of time! And, unfortunately, we cannot catch up with the rapidly ticking clock. What if you want to learn English, but your day is planned minutely and you cannot allocate extra half an hour? Today we decided to share with you useful exercises, thanks to which you can you can get a definite result even in a short time.

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