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Anonymity on the Internet Essay


Researchers sometimes willy-nilly use the concepts of "Internet", "World Wide Web" and "network" as synonyms. This is not too true: the Internet is a system of connected computer networks, and the World Wide Web is a distributed system that allows access to documents on various computers connected to the Internet. In this case, synonymization leads to a mixture of contents of two different phenomena.

Ways to Learn to Say “No” and Get Profit of That

Saying No

It happens that during each day we are constantly asked for help – people ask for our things, time, energy, attention, praise, agreement or advice. And each of us asks about the same of others. It happens at college, at work, at home, and even on the street with complete strangers. Appeals with requests usually take us by surprise, so it is rather difficult to make a decision as to whether to comply with them or not. At the same time, when agreeing, we do what seems right at this particular moment, without hesitation, no matter whether or not this corresponds to "yes" in our own plans.

Manage the Emotional Burnout: Useful Tips

Tired Student

We all get tired from time to time – that’s absolutely normal. Our physical and emotional resources need a constant power-up as they are not endless. We are not able to work a 24-hour day since we need enough time to have a good sleep, to eat healthy food and just relax from a daily routine. But why do you often experience the feeling that you can’t stand that anymore? Attend lectures, write numerous essays and academic papers weekly, prepare for seminars and take exams to get the scholarship.

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